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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Year 6

Our Magical Land of Wales: Reproduction of the Welsh emblem, the daffodil. The children have disected a dafodil to learn about how a flowering planr reproduces and the different functions of the different features of the flower. Children will be required to produce diagrams and key based work to demonstrate their learning.

DCF / SWAY - The children have begun to use the 'Sway' programme as part of their DCF learning within the topic of 'Our Magic Land of Wales'. The children are working collaboratively to create joint presentations on historical landmarks of South Wales. The programme allows the children to share, draft and edit their independent learning, toincorporate videos, pictures and to determine as a group what their final presentation will look like. The children were very quick and confident in their ability to apply their DCF knowledge within this task.

World Book Day - Bible Bedtime Stories. The children in year six focused on Jesus's response to his disciples when he was called upon to teach them how to pray. This moment marks the point that Jesus gave us 'The our Father' Year six pupils had to reflect on what sections that they found most empowering for their faith and those elements of the prayer that on occasion they find challenging to follow. The children then compared the two versions of the prayer contained in the Gospels' of Luke and Matthew and identified those parts of the prayers that were similar and different. Finally children wrote prayers to reflect on the binding unity we share with God our Father.

Clarice Cliff: Completed designs.

Swimming Success: One of our year six pupils has performed brilliantly in the Cardiff International Pool Gala this month. He won medals in the 400m free style, 200m backstroke and in the 200m breast stroke. Congratulations - we are very proud of you!

Welsh Love Spoons: As part of our learning on the Land of Wales the children have being researching the history of the Welsh love Spoon, how they are made, the symbols used and what they mean. We will be designing and making our own Love Spoon in class and then using our IT skills to make a presentaion to demonstrate our learning within this independent learning enquiry.

Art and Design Project: Clarice Cliff. The children in year six have used their line and mark skills to create plates in the style of the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff.

Magistrates in the Community: This week the children have had the opportunity to work with two magistrates. Year six have learnt about the organisation and the people who particiapte within the magistrate court system. Children learnt about the powers a Justice of the Peace possesses, the role of defence lawyers and prosecuting lawyers, the usher, witnesses, the legal advisor and the defendent. Using this information the children participated in arole play / drama of a mock trial of 'Aex Steele.' Gracie really enjoyed about learning about the legal processes of a magistrates courts and all children in year six were able to debate / argue the sentence that she be bestowed on the defendent. This was a wonderful learning opportunity for the children.

Year 6 DCF - Mr Mansfield

January 31st: Year Six Collective Worship - Well done to year six on presenting their class collective worship to the school community today. Yor service was beautiful and encouraged children to reflect on how they can be compassionate and loving to one another and those in their families.

Internet Safety. The children in year six have used the collaborative learning groups and their independent enquiry skills to learn about how to stay safe on line and about the responsible use of social media skills. This work will be further consolidated in a series of workshops conducted by PC Rhys later on in the academic year.

Year six class mass. The children celebrated their spring term Mass on the topic of Sources. All children read and sang beautifully and the consequence as a reverened and meaningful celebration of our faith. I would like to thank Father Justus, the altar servers and all parents that were able to attend. Kind regards Mrs Houston

Maths Reasoning - Year Five and Six

The children have been focusing on applying their learning in Mathematics within a reasoning context. Mr Cobb and Mrs Houston asked the children what they think of their weekly reasoning tasks.


Shaun: "It helps your head to think in a problem solving way."


Lorenzo: "I like it because when I am older I can use these skills for money, my future job and in my life."


Eva: "Reasoning encourages me to check my answers to see if I have used all the information properly to check if I have used the correct methods to arrive at my answer."

Art and Design: The children in years six are doing a context project on the Welsh tradition of story telling. As part of this work the children have produced paintings in the style of the Welsh artist Gayle Rogers. he work focuses on the vibrant use of colour and architecture in South Wales. Year six are delighted with the final results.

Religion: The children in year six are learning about the topic of 'Sources'. The children have worked hard with their shoulder partners and collaborative learning groups to complete independent enquiry tasks on the Bible and the Torah. Below are examples of the work produced so far in the topic so far.

Maths Reasoning C.C.H.S Visit - Mr Cobb and Mrs Houston work collaboratively in the delivery of reasoning in upper KS2. An inquiry/investigative approach to learning is a key feature of the new curriculum for Wales. The lesson was observed by Ms Bussle from Corpus Christi High School to determine how Mr Cobb and Mrs Houston can develop mathematical inquiry so that the transition to Year Seven achieves a continuity of learning and teaching approach.

Week beginning - 06.01.20. The children in Mr Cobb's and Mrs Houston's class have been using their thinking skills, working collaboratively to solve problems. The children thoroughly enjoyed

DCF Project In Mr Mansfield's IT lesson we have been making our own World War Two Coding World. In addition we have been required to conduct market research and to use Excel to enter , present and interrogate data. Below are photographs of year six entering and analysing the market research they have collected.

Be Bright Be Seen!!

Health and Safety Project: Staying Safe on a Building Site - Sponser - Wates Construction Company

Yer Six Science Investigation: Welsh Water

Welsh Water: The water cycle presentation.

Anti - bullying workshop by Kidscape: The children have conducted a projecy on friendship Friday and explored how to address bullying to make it stop.

Year 6: Eyes Open Week:The children in year six have been learning about the world of work. We have had workshops with Brains Ltd, S3 Advertising Ltd, principality Building Society, HM Revenue and Customs and Cardiff County Council

Hinduism and Judaism - Year 6 Project

Year Six Carbon Minoxide Poster Competiton Entries

Year Six Debating Competition

Guest Speaker - World War Two Veteran - An interview with Mr West

Merit Assembly - 10.10.19

Year Six Health and Well being - Say no to drugs! - South Wales Police

Year Six: Propaganda Postes. The childre in Mrs Houston's class have been learning what life was like in Wales during the Blitz of World War Two. The children have used their line and mark and colour art and design skills to create propoganda posters that encouraged the people to contribute to the war effort.

Year 5 and 6 Mass

Year Six World War Two Educational Visit to Cardiff Castle

JRSO - Road Safety Project: The children will be participating in a road safety project this year. The permission form to leave the premises needs to be completed to take the children off site.

Summer Design Technology Project; World War Two Anderson Shelter