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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Year 3R


Welcome to Year 3's class page! Here, you will find out all about Year 3 and what we are learning. It is also a good palce to look if you need any more information about upcoming trips or important year 3 information. Below you will see some photos of Class 3R hard at work. Please click on the 'gallery' link for more pictures. 


Important information:

PE is now as follows:

MISS ROSSI’S CLASS: Wednesdays: Indoor PE kit  /  Thursdays: outdoor PE kit.


Dinner and trip money:

Could any dinner money or trip money please be brought into school in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name written on it please. This will avoid any confusion. Thankyou.





HOMEWORK To be handed in Friday 19th June.


Our new topic is Global Gourmet! The topic is all about foods from around the world! Think about the research we carried out in class this week. Your homework is to pick a country.


Research the different types of foods that are eaten in the country. Present your information in the form of a leaflet / poster / booklet (on paper or using ICT,not in your homework books). Take care when presenting your work and when writing the research into your own words






As we have our testing week next week, please keep practising your times tables and reading at home. Use the Active Learn site, your Bug Club books or any of the past papers online to help you revise. You could ask someone at home to test you and to ask you questions about what you have read in your reading books. 


Please don't forget to look over and learn any corrections from your class spelling test  (red spelling books should have been taken home today to be returned on Tuesday 5th May). 

There are a list of further spellings below to keep you all busy over the weekend!







Answer ONLY questions 1-15 from the Superhero reading comprehension. 

Please answer the questions either on the sheet or in your home work books. 


HOLY WEEK ASSEMBLY AND HYMN - If you do not have a speaking part and are an actor please look through the song words this weekend!




Are you interested in Healthy eating and keeping fit? Fill in the application form below!




Can Year 3 pupils all learn their poem parts for our SCIENCE ASSEMBLY FOR THIS FRIDAY (20TH MARCH) - speaking parts will be give out this week also.


We been very busy with our St David’s day celebrations since returning to school after half term.  We really enjoyed the Mabinogion workshops! We played acting games, learnt all about Medieval Welsh stories and even performed them through mime! Class 3R also celebrated the Eisteddfod with the whole school on Monday. We performed a St David’s Day play and poem. 

Week beginning 23/02.

Class 3R have been learning about the Eucharist this week. We have discussed the different things we see, hear, smell and do when we enter church and have learnt new religious vocabulary such as ‘vestments’  and ‘sacristy.’ Some of the class have started to make our own guide to the Eucharist.

We have also continued with our topic work of ‘Disaster Zone.’ We have looked at rivers, streams and floodplains this week and labelled diagrams to show these different natural features



We will be preparing for our St David’s Day celebrations during our week back after half term, with the Mabinogion workshops then our Eisteddfod on Monday 2nd March. There will be various competitions relating to St David's Day which the children can enter.

Please see below for competitions which Year 3  can enter and prepare for over half term


Week beginning 19th January 


This week Year 3 have not only been busy working in the classroom but we were lucky enough to welcome two visitors from the RSPB into our class! We learnt all about birds, their habitats and how to identify different types of birds. We went outside in the playground to see if we could spot any! We saw lots of magpies, a few seagulls and even one or two robins! We really enjoyed learning all about birds!


Bird watching!



Class 3R's homework is is on the homework page - ROSMINI COMPETITION.




Week beginning 5th December. 

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


We hope everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas holiday!  This newsletter is an opportunity to provide you with further details of the different topics Year 3 classes will be studying this term.


Topic work

Our new topic for this term is ‘Disaster Zone!’

This project has a geography and Science focus. It teaches children

about the causes and impact of natural disasters involving water,

flooding and erosion. Children will develop skills to write leaflets

and present findings from tests and investigations. They will develop their map reading and drawing skills and use geographical language to write news reports! We will be studying areas of Wales that are prone to flooding and research why flooding has occurred in these areas using newspapers and ICT resources.


RE Our new topic in RE is ‘Journeys.’

This topic focuses on the celebrations in church throughout the course of the year. We will discuss the Liturgical year, the seasons of the Church’s year and our own personal journeys as Christians.




Our new topic in Welsh is ‘Y ty”- The house

By the end of this topic the class will be able to describe where they live, name the different types of houses and rooms of a house. We will develop our questioning skills and work in groups to read Welsh books and 



Week beginning 1st December.

Year 3 have been on an educational visit to St Fagans this week! We walked around the St Fagans' site, saw lots of different animals and learnt about how Celtic people lived. We even helped make the wall of a round house....which was a bit messy and muddy! We also learnt how to throw javelins and spears, just like real Celtic warriors!

In class we have been writing Welsh conversations! We looked at all the vocabulary and questions we have learnt this term and made our own welsh conversations with our friends. We then shared them in front of the rest of the class!

Sharing our Welsh conversations with our friends....


We have also been working hard on our maths and learning how to problem solve.We  solved maths problems relating to our Roman and Celt topic and used multiplication, addition and subtraction to do so! Some groups even made up their own Roman and Celt maths problems. Here are a few examples……..


Princess Julia has 80 gold coins. She buys a ring that costs 56 gold coins. How many gold coins does she have left?


 Julius Caesar has 120 gold coins. If he spends 30 gold coins at the market how   many does he have left?

Hard at work solving maths problems....

Week beginning 17th November 2014


This week Class 3R has been speaking lots of Welsh. We have acted out different sports in Welsh, sung Welsh songs, answered Welsh questions and even played Welsh Chinese whispers! Our helpwr heddiws have helped us to carry out these daily activities.



As it is anti bullying week in school, we have been practising hard for our anti bullying assembly. We made freezeframes by acting out different emotions linked to bullying, made a class charter to show how we can band together and prevent bullying and we even wrote our own acrostic poem! Open the powerpoint below to have a look!


We have also been learning about a new religion called Hinduism.  Some of the children in class brought in items from home and told us about Hindu Gods. We are really enjoying learning about this topic and it is lovely that we can teach each other about our different religions!

10thNovember 2014

This week Year 3 have been busy as always in class. We have learnt all about Judaism and learnt lots of new words such as synagogue, tallit, kippah and rabbi. The spellings of some of the Jewish words were a bit tricky but we tried very hard to remember them all. 

We have also been working very hard to improve and practise our spellings. We used Look, Cover, Write, Check to help us. First we looked at the word. Then we covered it up and spelt it out loud to our partners. Next we wrote the word. Finally we checked we had spelt it correctly! This really helped us to learn some tricky, new words!