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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Year 1 2016-17

Welcome to Year One's Class Page!

Croeso i'r tudalen Blywddyn 1! 

Scroll down to see what we've been learning!

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Finding Countries around the world! 


After our lesson finding out which countries held big Carnivals around the world, Year 1 loved looking at a map and trying to find an unknown country the fastest! They had to work in pairs and be able to read the name of the country! 

Lego Floats! 


Some of the Year 1 children have been enjoying building Carnival Floats out of Lego during their Enhanced Provision! 

Year 1's Class Mass with Father Ambrose


Making Healthy Sandwiches! 


We've been reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' so we decided to make some delicious healthy sandwiches just like Mrs Grinling did! 

Dressing up fun! 



Which objects and which objects sink?


Year 1 completed a Science investigation to find out whether different objects around the class would sink or float! Some of the children were very surprised with their findings! 




How many cups does it take to fill a pirates bottle of rum?!


Year one predicted and tested their estimates! Great work Blwyddyn Un! 

A visit from the RNLI! 


As a part of our 'Land Ahoy!' context, we had a visit from the RNLI. Jon talked to us about the work of the RNLI,  lifeboats, lifeguards and most importantly.... water safety! What a super afternoon we all had! 

Year 1 thoroughly enjoying reading 'Pirates Love Underpants' with Mrs Riordan during Milk time! :)



Easter Bonnet Competition! 


Look at our fantastic hats! What beautiful entries we had for the Easter Bonnet Competition this year :) Well done to everyone for such a super effort! 



What a scary GIANT! 


Year 1 had an interesting message the other day, off the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk!! He wanted them to find out what he looked like! 


Here are Year 1 searching for the giant's features in the woods! 

Beanstalk Updates!


We finally have some growth in Year 1! The shoot's have grown and our Beanstalks are getting bigger and bigger everyday! 

Growing Cress! 

Mad Scientists!

Our St Fagans' Trip


We had a wonderful time visiting the lambing shed at Llwyn yr Eos farm in St Fagans' on Friday!


 We thoroughly enjoyed watching the live Lamb Cam when we got back to school as well! You can follow the link and watch it here!


Thank you again to all of the parents and carers who helped on the trip! We hope you weren't too cold when you got home! 


Here are some pictures of our day! 


Green Fingers! 


Having some fun in the sun planting beans!

How high will our bean stalks grow we wonder?! 

World Book Day Celebrations! 


We have had another lovely day in St Joseph's dressing up as our favourite book characters! 

Can you guess who we are meant to be?! 




Baking Welsh Cakes for Curriculum Cymreig!


Year 1 have been baking some delicious Welsh Cakes! They turned out brilliantly and I think everyone enjoyed them...... 




Cake Tasting with Mrs Tuff for St David's day!


Well done to everyone that entered the baking competition! 



Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!


Happy St.David's Day from all of Year 1! 

Year 1 Achievements! 


Congratulations to Jacob C.C and Charlie for their out of school achievements this week!


What fantastic news they had to share with Year 1 :)




Brush brush brushing!


We had a visitor that came to talk to us about brushing our teeth! We learnt about what food's were good and what food were very bad for our teeth! 


We definitely know what we shouldn't be eating now!! 

Finding 10 more than a number!


Look at our groups finding 10 more than a number!! Some of us worked in books today whilst the others were on enhanced provision.


We threw a counter onto the 100 squares and whatever number we landed on, that is the number we had to find 10 more of!


We all worked extremely hard!! :)



**Important St David's Day Information** 


Hi all. Please find information below about St David's Day, which will be celebrated on Friday 3rd of March. You do not need to enter all competitions.  


Competition 1 - Cooking Competition: 

The children are asked to cook a Welsh traditional dish. Please ensure that the container in which the cooked item is delivered in is clearly marked with your child’s name and their class so that they can be returned to you on the 2nd March.


Competition 2 - Design a new flag for Wales.

The children are asked to design a new flag for Wales, this can be made on any material or resource, but needs to be something that can be held up and judged. 


Competition 3 - 3D model of either a leek or a daffodil.

The children are asked to create a 3D model of either a leek or a daffodil. 



Year 1 Children will also be performing 2 songs.

They are both Welsh songs titled 'Pwy wnaeth y sêr uwchben' and 'Beth sydd yn y fasged siopa' 


Please find youtube links to both songs and lyrics below.




Pwy wnaeth y sêr uwchben?


Pwy wnaeth y sêr uwchben, y sêr uwchben, y sêr uwchben?

Pwy wnaeth y sêr uwchben?

Yr arglwydd Dduw.


Pwy wnaeth y moroedd mawr, y moroedd mawr, y moroedd mawr?

Pwy wnaeth y moroedd mawr?

Yr arglwydd Dduw.


Pwy wnaeth y pysgod chwim, y pysgod chwim, y pysgod chwim?

Pwy wnaeth y pysgod chwim?

Yr arglwydd Dduw.


Pwy wnaeth y ti a fi, y ti a fi, y ti a fi?

Pwy wnaeth y ti a fi?

Yr arglwydd Dduw.




Beth sy’ yn y fasged siopa?


Beth sy’ yn y fasged siopa?

 Y fasged siopa, y fasged siopa

Beth sy’ yn y fasged siopa?

Dewch i ni gael gweld.


Oren sy’n y fasged siopa

Y fasged siopa, y fasged siopa

Oren sy’n y fasged siopa

Rhywbeth neis i de.


Beth sy’ yn y fasged siopa?

Y fasged siopa, y fasged siopa

Beth sy’ yn y fasged siopa?

 Dewch i ni gael gweld.


Teisen sy’n y fasged siopa

Y fasged siopa, y fasged siopa

Teisen sy’n y fasged siopa

Rhywbeth neis i de.


We will practice these songs in school during the first week back! 

Thank you for all your co-operation! 




The last day of our Superhero topic!


To celebrate our success' as a class, we dressed up at Superheroes on the last day of term!


Look at our 'Super moves'!

Can I take your order please?


Welcome to our Superhero Cafe!

During E.P role play, we have been busy 'working' in our New Superhero Cafe!


Now that we've made menu's and decorated our new 'digs', we've have been taking order's for the delicious food we sell, paying for items and even giving change! 




Do all balls bounce?!



We've been carrying out another science investigation to explore whether all balls bounce...


First we sorted the balls into categories, then we talked about the materials of the balls!

After that we investigated whether play-dough balls can bounce after being dropped from a height!


Finally, we went outside to test our predictions about what balls would bounce the most!


Keep tuned for the rest of our science investigation findings, but ask us what we learnt today!! :)


Some fun maths games!


Snakes and ladders, and Guess my number! 


**Attention all Year 1 Parents**


As we are coming to the end of our Superhero Context, I would like to celebrate all of the fantastic work and goals we have achieved this term! 


I would like to hold a 'Superhero Day' where we will all dress up as our favourite Superhero characters!! 


This will take place on Friday 17th Jan, the last day of term! 


Please send your children in ready and dressed as their favourite Superheroes! I look forward to seeing which characters arrive!!  



Miss Williams 



Superhero Sequences! 


During our P.E lessons, we have been developing our understanding of the different ways we can move! We have thought about movements that are high and low, and fast and slow! This week we listened to the 'Incredibles' theme tune and made up a sequence of movements just like Superheroes with our partners! 


Take a look at us practicing our Super-moves! 

What's under there? 


We have been developing our reasoning skills in Year 1!

Today, each group was given some multi-link which was hidden under a sheet. 

The rest of the group had to work out what multi-link they were hiding! The children recorded their questions and their answers!


Take a look at the pictures of our wonderful practical work! 





At the start of the week, Year 1 brainstormed all of their ideas of what they would make for our 'Healthy Eating' week! 


After talking about our choices we decided to make SUPERHERO smoothies!! 


Each fruit had a different super power, which the children picked!


Ask us how to make a Smoothie! All of the Y1 children can give you a step by step guide and a delicious recipe!! :) 


Take a look at the photos from our fun filled afternoon....

Mystery Solvers!!! 


We have had some unexpected visitors in Year 1 today!


What has happened to our Super-veggies?! 

Who committed the crime?! 

When did the Super-veggies arrive in our classroom?! 


These are just some of the questions we have been thinking about to help us write a story about the crime scene we found this morning! 


The mystery continues.... 

Adventurous Adjectives! 



WOW!! Look at the adjectives we collected together as a class!! 

We have been setting up a new Superhero Cafe in our Classroom and choosing what we would like to sell in it. Our job was to use adventurous adjectives to make the food sound as mouthwatering as possible!! 




Finding half of a number! 


Exploring how to find half of a number.....


Can we half odd and even numbers?! 

Ask Year 1 to find out!! 

Enhanced Provision Fun! 


During our Enhanced provision, we worked in groups to create character profiles with some help! 

ICT Graphs! 


During our ICT maths lessons, Year 1 have been making graphs! We used a special website to help us make a Pictograph online! The children worked in pairs, and decided what information they would like to ask people, which they then added into their graphs! 

Some children asked about Superheroes and others asked about what animals and fruit were the most popular in our class!


Mathematicians strike again!! 


We've been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes... wow!!! Ask us about how many sides and faces 2D and 3D shapes have, we will surprise you with how much we know!! 

Year 1's wonderful Assembly! 


Thank you to everyone who came to our Year 1 Assembly! We all really enjoyed sharing our work and thoughts about 'Special People' with you :) 


We certainly have some fantastic performers and singers in our class!! 

Getting creative with shapes!


We've been recreating different patterns to make shapes, which will help us in our Tessellation lesson next week! 

The start of our Science Investigation! 


This week we carried out a pre investigation task where we learnt about objects made out of different materials

First we had to guess the material, then work as a group to sort the materials, and then finally we learnt about MAGNETS! 


Year 1 were amazed with the Magnetic items they found around the classroom, and they even managed to find some magnetic items in the playground!! 

Superheroes unite!


During our enhanced provision, we have been making a superhero city for the tough spot, painting ourselves as real Superheroes and showing off some of the items brought in from home that relate to our Context! 

 We had a visitor! 


A real superhero came to visit our class on Tuesday.... a Firefighter


We tried on the Firefighters uniform (which was very heavy!!!). We learnt about the equipment they use to give them 'super powers', we got to play with a thermal imaging camera to see who was hot and cold, and we also got to try on a breathing tank!


We had lots of fun! :) 




Merry Christmas to all of our families and friends,


We hope you have a lovely Christmas! 


From all of us in Year 1 :) 

Feeling festive making Christingles! 


Look at the wonderful Christingles we made during our R.E lesson today! They all look good enough to eat...... (and i'm pretty sure they were, especially those yummy sweets!) :)


Phonics Fun! 


During phonics, we have been learning lots of new digraphs!

Most recently, we have recapped the 'ng' and 'ck' digraph. Have a look at our wonderful work that we have been completing! 


How many 'ng' words can you see in our work?!

Carrying out a Science Investigation!


Today, we carried out a small investigation into how germs spread! We put glitter on 1 person's hand in each group, and played games outside. After a few minute, we used magnifying glass to see where the glitter ended up! It was on our hands, clothes, faces, noses, in our hair... EVERYWHERE! 


Although you can't see the glitter in the pictures (as it was so small), Year 1 learnt that germs can travel extremely fast, and end up in the strangest of places!


We have definitely been washing ALL of our hands since this investigation!!  


Having a blast on Scratch! 


This week during our ICT lessons, Year 1 have been exploring the app 'Scratch'!

They have been having a lot of fun adding characters to the app, creating a story line and making their characters move around the page, visiting different locations such as a the park, school and some even went to the beach!  

****Parents of year 1 children*****


As a part of our 'Come and See' RE topic, we are going to be visiting St Joseph's church on Thursday 17th November to learn about Baptism. 


If you are available to walk down to the church with us at 1.15pm on Thursday, please let me know on Monday as we will need a few adults to accompany us. 

Children will need appropriate clothing incase of rain etc. 


We will be walking back and aim to arrive back at school by 3.00pm. 


Thanks for your help in advance, 


Miss Williams :) 



Building a fire!


During our Enhanced Provision, we have been out and about searching the school grounds to find sticks, twigs and leaves to add to our fire! 

What do we look like?!


During our creative development lessons, we have been experimenting with different materials! After studying our faces carefully with a mirror, the children in year 1 have been channeling their inner artists and have been creating wonderful portraits of themselves from the neck up! 



 Year 1 have been very busy solving addition and subtraction problems for the past two weeks! There has been a lot of practical maths taking place in our classroom and we have been having a lot of fun solving 'true' or 'false' questions in our tough spot, using 'popcorn' to make number sentences and 'exploding' numbers! 



Roald Dahl Day!


On Friday Year 1 celebrated Roald Dahl day! We had some absolutely fantastic outfits on show dressing up as some of his most wonderful and wierd characters!   

























































































Autumn Term 2016!

Class Assembly - Change!

Visit to World of Boats on Cardiff Bay as part of our Context for Learning - Land Ahoy!

World Book Day 2016. Which book characters can you spot?

St David's Day 2016!

Visit to Cardiff Castle to explore a Victorian Christmas!

First Half of Autumn Term 2015

Visit from PC Payne who spoke with us about People Who Help Us.

Our Class Assembly - Belonging (Autumn Term)

Our visit to St Josephs Church to find out about Baptism.

We are now Year One! We are all looking forward to an exciting year of learning!