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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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    Welcome to

    St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
    Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

    We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

    Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae


    Making Music! 


    Year 1 have had a fantastic morning in the Forest today! They have been making 'musical instruments' out of natural resources! They even put together a 'samba band' and performed to the school! 


    Here are some video's and pictures of our morning! 


    Musical Instrument 7

    Still image for this video

    Musical Instrument 6

    Still image for this video

    Musical Instrument 5

    Still image for this video

    Musical Instrument 4

    Still image for this video

    Musical Instrument 1

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    Musical Instrument 2

    Still image for this video

    Musical Instrument 3

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    Year One have started their new context free term - Carnivals!


    Here are some photos of them in the ‘Clown Booth’

    Pirate Hat Algorithms! 


    Year One have been busy making pirate hats and writing an Algorithm for each step! Take a look at the fantastic hats that  were produced! 

    GB Gymnast visit


    On Thursday, St Joseph’s has a visit from Clinton Purcell - a gymnast who was selected for team GB! We spent the morning exercising with him and thinking about the importance of keeping fit and healthy!

    Measuring Capacity! 


    Year 1 have been measuring the capacity of the pirate’s bottles of rum. There were some great predictions and findings taking place in our class today! 

    Boat Model’s by Year 1


    Look at the amazing boats year 1 have made for homework! Da Iawn pawn! 

    Parent Readers Update

    National Outdoor Learning Day


    Here are some pictures of our Welly Wednesday outdoor session from this week! 

    Sorting the houses! 


    Some of the year 1 children have been developing their reasoning skills by sorting the houses into different piles! Lots of the houses looked very similar, so it was a tricky challenge! 

    Does it float or does it sink? 


    Year 1 have been investigators this week! As a part of our 'Land Ahoy!' topic, we have been thinking about how boats float? Year 1 decided to chose objects from around our classroom, predict whether they would float or sink, and then they tested their predictions! 


    Some of the items were sneaky and caught them out! We are now going to think about what materials will be best to build a boat that can float! 

    Parent Readers!


    Year 1 absolutely loved having some parent readers join us for a reading session today! Thank you to all the mums, dads and grandparents that came! It was lovely seeing the children engage with different adults in our classroom! We will be doing the same thing next week, on Thursday at 3.05pm. See you there! 

    RNLI Talk


    Year 1 had a visit from John, a volunteer of the RNLI! He talked to us about water safety and keeping safe of the beach! Here are some pictures of our chat! Thank you John! 

    Some Year 1 pupils are using their phonics to help them spell tricky words! 

    Beth sy'n yn yr fasged siopa?


    Year 1 have been think about what is in their shopping basket! They used Welsh picture dictionaries to find exciting items and to learn some new words! 

    Stone Soup 


    Year 1 had a busy morning on Wednesday pretending to be the 'Traveller' from Stone Soup! They hunted around the forest to find 'ingredients' and even gathered some sticks to build a fire.. Crackle, crackle, crackle. 


    We also has some beautiful art work completed in the sunshine! Year 1 looked at what was around them and sketched what they could see! 


    Year 1 Story Telling:


    The ENORMOUS Turnip! 




    Miniature Gardens


    As a part of our 'Growing Things' Context - Year 1 have been busy designing and making miniature garden's over the Easter half term! Aren't they fantastic?

    The Lifecycle of a Frog


    Year 1 have been busy learning about how a tadpole grows and changes into a frog. Here are some pictures of their fantastic work!


    Making Supersmoothies! 


    Year 1 have been very busy making smoothies fit for Superheroes! They used different fruits to make delicious tasting healthy treats! 

    Year 1 and Receptions Prayer Service

    Wednesday 31st January 

    Learning about pictographs!  


    Year 1 have been very busy learning about Pictographs! They were given a mission to find out which superheroes were the most popular in our class, and put this information into a graph! We even made our own Pictographs online. Lots of brilliant child led learning taking place today! 

    Real life Superheroes! 


    Year 1 had a visit from Witchurch Fire Station on Monday! They absolutely loved using the water hose to squirt the cones and felt very important sitting in the truck

    Numicon Challenge! 


    Year 1 have been busy finding out the value of each tower, using Numicon to fill in the gaps! 



    A balancing act!

    Year 1 have been thinking about travelling in different ways this week during PE! 

    Learning about materials!

    On Wednesday, Year 1 went on a material hunt! They searched the school grounds to see what they could find! We found: foam, plastic, foil, metal, rubber, wood, fabric..... lots of materials!


     Year 1 then had a lot of fun finding out which of the materials were magnetic! These are the photos of our morning :) 

    A Victorian Christmas - Cardiff Castle 


    To finish our 'Family Album' context, Year 1 visited Cardiff Castle to learn all about the Victorian Christmas! The children enjoyed the trip, especially making tree decorations! Here are some pictures from our day. 

    How long are you?!


    This week Year 1 have been measuring their height using socks! They loved this challenge. 

    We also started to measure the length of objects around the classroom using multi-link cubes as a guide! 


    Welly Wednesday - 4th of December!


    This week we have been learning about this special time of year - Advent. 

    Take a look at what we have been doing! 


    Making Advent wreaths with natural resources

    Making a shelter for Mary and Joseph

    and creating mini puppets to retell the Christmas Story! 

    Balancing sequences in pairs! 


    Year 1's Collective Worship



    Welly Wednesday 15th Nov


    We have had another super Welly Wednesday outside! We have been looking for the price tags pinned onto things in our Forest Area! We had to decide what we wanted to buy... the shed, a tree, the bug hotel etc. and find the total amount. There was some fantastic maths in Year 1 today! 


    We have also been painting with mud! We thought about different types of mud, their texture, how they looked and made our 'mud paint'. Take a look at some of our paintings! 





    A visit to St Joseph's Church 


    On Monday Year 1 visited St Joseph's Church to look at the different signs and symbols of a Baptism. What a lovely morning!  


    Welly Wednesday


    Year 1 have been learning all about shapes in maths. We went on a hunt to see what different shapes we could see around the school... and there were LOTS! Here are some photo's that the children took in their groups! 



    Year 1 have been enjoying doing 'Aerobics' and Yoga

    in the classroom!



    Welly Wednesday Picture updates! 


    We have had another very exciting Wednesday morning spent in the woods! 

    We have been on Scavenger Hunts, creating pictures with the things we found and playing maths games on the yard with the help of our Y6 volenteers!


    Our favourite part of the day was our snack...... Spaghetti hoops and bread with butter! YUM!! 



    Trick or Treat?!


    Year 1 have been practicing their mental maths and throwing skills this week! The children aimed their bean bags at the different Halloween pots to see whether they had a Trick (a small number) or a Treat (a big number)! They then used their mental maths to add the numbers together.... we had lots of winners today! 



    Belly Dancing! 


    St Joseph's had a special visitor on Monday afternoon to kick off our International Week!

    Here are some photos of us Belly Dancing! 




    Our first Welly Wednesday! 


    We all had so much fun on our first Welly Wednesday this week! 

    Here are some pictures of what we go up too


    We practiced our phonics by finding sounds in the woods..

    We sketched detailed pictures of our surrounding in the woods...

    We made leaf hedgehogs..

    We played maths games on the yard to help us tell the time...

    We even practiced our mental maths on the hop scotch!


    and last but not least...... We drank Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows as a yummy treat!!