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Wellbeing information and help

A Directory to Support Healthy Relationships Education in Cardiff

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Barnardo’s Cardiff Family Wellbeing Service

Brief overview of programme: Who is this available to? The Family Wellbeing Service offers early intervention and support to families living in Cardiff with children up to the age of 25 and that have an identified need for support in relation to emotional and mental health and wellbeing but below the level where they would be entitled to specialist health service and/or statutory care and support. Barnardo’s Family Wellbeing Service have a range of group work programmes that are able to deliver in schools in regard to improving individual wellbeing and resilience. The 8 week programme is delivered to a targeted group of 6 during the school day, which are suitable for young people aged 12-15. All group members will have been identified as having low emotional wellbeing, difficulties regulating emotions, low self-esteem, and a lack in confidence, or difficulties making and maintaining friendships. Some of the sessions they cover are emotional health, thoughts, self-esteem, relationships, friendships, resilience and future aims. The three other group work programmes Barnardo’s offer are all for children aged 7-11.

BRIGHT STARS - offer sessions in friendships, feelings, coping strategies, self-esteem, dealing with difficult days. Friendship Circle - offers sessions in ‘What is a friend’, positive and negative actions, and exploring positive solutions Bounce - is a group for children who have experienced family breakdown; who may be struggling to deal with their parents separating and therefore loss of a family (parent, sibling, grandparent, etc).

Cardiff Family Gateway - Cardiff Family Advice and Support : Cardiff Family Advice and Support (

Cardiff Family Gateway is a clear, accessible referral route for anyone who has well-being concerns about a child or wants to learn more about the available support available to families throughout Cardiff. The Gateway provides a clear pathway into other support services and is the first point of contact for information, advice and assistance. The service complements the existing provision already available from education and health services.

The Gateway provides information, advice and assistance on a wide range of topics and enquiry areas such as money advice, housing, welfare benefits, child behaviour, child care, school attendance, health and well-being, parental support and much more.

Who is Cardiff Family Gateway for?

Any professional, parent, child or young people or member of the public across Cardiff who would like information, advice and assistance regarding the well-being of a child.

What can people expect from Cardiff Family Gateway?

Contact Officers will help you navigate the system, talk you through an assessment and triage to discuss your concerns and needs. Clear referral path into appropriate specialist services and provisions. Referrals with a clear safeguarding concern are directed to a social worker who will make a decision regarding the service best placed to support the family.

The Family Gateway works alongside and refers directly into both the ‘Family Help’ and ‘Support 4 Families’ teams for when families need short term intervention or facing more complex, severe issues.

How much does the service cost to access?

Cardiff Family Gateway is a free service.

How people can access Cardiff Family Gateway?

Referrals or requests for information, advice and assistance can be made by professionals, parents, children and young people or members of the public by telephoning the Family Gateway on 03000 133 133, via email