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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education makes up at least 10% of our teaching time throughout the school.  The Religious Education Directory “To Know You More Clearly”  documentation  form the basis of our curriculum for Religious Education and this is supplemented with a variety of other resources.  The Bible is a vital resource for our school life.  We aim to deliver the objectives within our RE curriculum in the most creative and engaging ways possible. 

This includes: writing, reading, art, drama, Philosophy for Children and the use of ICT. Cross-curricular approaches to Religious Education are encouraged e.g. R.E through literacy, using religious work as a stimulus for art work and using ICT to research aspects of Religious Education.

Reflection and meditation are important aspects of our religious education and we provide opportunities for this (including our very youngest children).

We believe that success means the development of each child’s unique gifts and talents as well as good academic achievement.