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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Fair Trade Committee

Who we are and what we do:

We are the children in St Teilo class and we strive for using and promoting Fairtrade products within our school! We organise events using Fairtrade tea and coffee and we work hard to raise Fairtrade awareness. Please see below our action plan.

Fairtrade Award Reaccreditation

We are proud to announce that St. Joseph's have been reaccredited with the highest level of of recognition for Fairtrade- the Fairachiever Award!

Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon 2023!

Thank you so much to all who attended the Fairtrade Coffee afternoon! A lot of fun was had by all completing the Fairtrade quiz, enjoying the stall and raising awareness of Fairtrade issues with the Fairtrade Action group.

Fairtrade Committee 2022-2023

Fairtrade Day 2022!

On the 25th March 2022 we held our annual Fairtrade Day! We came to school dressed in Fairtrade colours and completed Fairtrade activities throughout the day. We were able to raise £98 towards Fairtrade causes! Thank you everyone!

Fairtrade Award

As a committee, we have been working hard to get the top status of Fairtrade Award - the Fairachiever Award. Over the last three years we have held coffee afternoons, choir gatherings, Fairtrade Bake off to name but a few! 

St Joseph’s RC Primary School

Fairtrade Ambassadors as part of our School Senedd

Hi we are the Fairtrade Ambassadors for St. Joseph’s RC Primary School. We represent everything Fairtrade in our school and we always have the Rights of the Child in mind in everything we do. We ask questions and talk to the other Senedd members about targets we must achieve. We feed back to our classes in school, as well as to teachers and Governors.

 We must aim for fair pay schemes for farmers around the world who are in need. The only way we can make a good profit is with your help. When we do different events we need your help with fundraising. You can also buy products with the Fairtrade icon on them. Thanks!

Christmas 2019

We had Fairtrade coffee and tea on offer during a time to come and watch the school choir perform their Christmas Carols!