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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Eco Committee

What does our Eco Committee do?

The eco committee in a primary school in Wales plays a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability amongst pupils and staff. Comprised of pupils and teachers, the eco committee spearheads initiatives aimed at reducing the school's ecological footprint and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. Our responsibilities include organising recycling programs, advocating for energy conservation measures, maintaining school gardens, and implementing educational activities on topics such as biodiversity and climate change. By engaging the school community in practical eco-friendly actions and educational campaigns, the eco committee not only contributes to the preservation of the local environment but also instils lifelong values of environmental responsibility in the pupils.


Who is on our Eco Committee?


Our eco committee involves all of our Year 6 children. They meet regularly to complete the activities in our action plan.



Eco Action Plan 2023-2024


Be Bright Be Seen Day!

Be Bright Be Seen Assembly PowerPoint




Eco Group Evaluating and Planning - 9.6.23

Eco group evaluated the work we have done so far this year. We also planned our activities for the next half term.

Hailey Park Petition - Please Sign!!!

Hailey Park Project

Our Eco committee have learning about what the council are planning to do with Hailey Park. As a class, we have created a PowerPoint for parents to sign the petition. We are also going to email them to try and persuade them not to build on Hailey Park. Lastly, we are going to have a fundraising day in the summer term to donate money to the 'Save Hailey Park' campaign.

Our Committee 2022-2023


Action Plan 2022 - 2023:

- Vote for members of the Eco Committee - October 2022

- Create timetable and select monitors - November 2022

- Monitors to check lights and projectors are turned off at break and lunch.

- Litter picking monitors in zones – KS2 yard, Forest School, Hall - November to July

- Posters go around the school - turning lights off, turn taps are off, pick litter up etc - December 2022

- Update Eco display in the hall - December 2022

- Organise -'Be Bright, Be Seen' day - December 2022

- Check meter readings - monthly stating in November 2022

- WOW Travel Tracker - January - July

Our Committee 2021-2022


Action Plan 2021-2022:

- Appointed our committee members.

- Designed our Eco display.

- Put the display up.

- Created a PowerPoint about COP26.

- Meeting with our Active Travel Officer to discuss priorities.

- Chose main priorities. 

- Children have drawn a map of the school to show where our bike shelter is to make parents aware of secure storage facilities.

- Entered the WOW Travel Tracker.

- Entered the 'WOW Design a Badge' competition.


Welcome to the Eco Committee!

Our members are Daisi, Shaun, Julia and Sandra and they represent the whole school.

The purpose of our section of the Senedd is to care for not only our school's local environment, but to tackle global issues.

Ask one of our members or look at our board to get more information.

10 Day Turn Down

During our 10 Day Turn Down, we saved 171 kWh compared to the previous 10 days, saving the school 6.45% of the electric bill (£27!). St Joseph's placed 18th out of the 42 schools that were in the competition, congratulations and thank you to everyone that got involved!