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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

ALN Parent Information

St Joseph's RC Primary School 

Additional Learning Needs Statement

(Link to UNCRC and UNCRDisabilities  - every child has a right to an Education)

In St Joseph’s RC Primary School we value each child as a unique individual. We understand that every child has their own needs, and this is reflected through our inclusive curriculum, practice and vision.

We understand that a child’s wellbeing is paramount and emotional needs must be met before a child is able to learn. Our inclusive approach is based on early identification, a multi-agency approach and ensuring that the child and their family remains at the centre of all decisions.

The curriculum and inclusion

The curriculum in our school is designed to be accessed by all children who attend the school (known as Universal Provision). If we think it necessary to modify some children's access to the curriculum, in order to meet their needs, then Targeted Provision may be provided, such as Rapid or Rainbow Readers or Maths Factor. 

If children have additional learning needs, our school does all it can to meet the individual needs, and we comply with the requirements set out in the ALNET Code of Practice. If a child is not making progress, in most instances the teacher will be able to provide targeted interventions and differentiated teaching to meet the child's needs and secure progress, within normal class organisation. Nearly all learners will make good progress in their learning and will not have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) or require Additional Learning Provision. If a child is recognised as having ALN, the school provides an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which sets out the nature of the additional need, and outlines how the school will aim to address it by providing Additional Learning Provision (ALP) which is additional to and different from universal provision. The IDP also sets out targets for improvement, so that we can review and monitor the progress of each child at regular intervals.

Some children in our school may have disabilities. We are committed to meeting the needs of these children, as we are to meeting the needs of all groups of children within our school. The school complies fully with the requirements of the amended Disability Discrimination Act that came into effect from 2005. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that these children are not placed at a substantial disadvantage compared with non-disabled children. Teaching and learning are appropriately modified for children with disabilities. For example, they may be given additional time to complete certain activities, or the teaching materials may be adapted.

Cardiff Family Gateway - Cardiff Family Advice and Support : Cardiff Family Advice and Support (

Cardiff Family Gateway is a clear, accessible referral route for anyone who has well-being concerns about a child or wants to learn more about the available support available to families throughout Cardiff. The Gateway provides a clear pathway into other support services and is the first point of contact for information, advice and assistance. The service complements the existing provision already available from education and health services.

The Gateway provides information, advice and assistance on a wide range of topics and enquiry areas such as money advice, housing, welfare benefits, child behaviour, child care, school attendance, health and well-being, parental support and much more.

Who is Cardiff Family Gateway for?

Any professional, parent, child or young people or member of the public across Cardiff who would like information, advice and assistance regarding the well-being of a child.

What can people expect from Cardiff Family Gateway?

Contact Officers will help you navigate the system, talk you through an assessment and triage to discuss your concerns and needs. Clear referral path into appropriate specialist services and provisions. Referrals with a clear safeguarding concern are directed to a social worker who will make a decision regarding the service best placed to support the family.

The Family Gateway works alongside and refers directly into both the ‘Family Help’ and ‘Support 4 Families’ teams for when families need short term intervention or facing more complex, severe issues.

How much does the service cost to access?

Cardiff Family Gateway is a free service.

How people can access Cardiff Family Gateway?

Referrals or requests for information, advice and assistance can be made by professionals, parents, children and young people or members of the public by telephoning the Family Gateway on 03000 133 133, via email

Cardiff Council Helpline For Parents/ Carers of pupils with ALN

Contact the helpline​

​​​If you are a parent or carer of children and young people with additional learning needs, please contact us. We can provide you with advice and support.​

Parent and Carer Helpline: 02920 872 731


SNAP Cymru provides information, advice and support for parents, children and young people who have, or may have, special educational needs or disabilities.

Home - SNAP CymruSNAP Cymru


The system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs and disability in Wales ensures: 

  • needs are identified early, addressed quickly and all learners are supported to reach their potential.

  • our professionals are skilled and confident in identifying needs and deploying strategies to help learners overcome their barriers to learning.

  • that the learner is at the centre of everything we do and that they and their parents and carers are equal partners in their learning. (Person Centred Approach)

From September 2021 the new system began to be brought in gradually. (2021 -2024). Here are some of the key messages about the changes that were made and what they may mean for you and your child.


  • The term Additional Learning Needs (ALN) has replaced the terms Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD)

  • Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCos) in schools are now called Additional Learning Needs Coordinators (ALNCos)At St Joseph's RC Primary School our ALNCo is Mrs. Tuff.

  • The mandatory ALN Code for the new system covers children and young people aged 0-25. This means that early years and further education colleges will have duties under the Act, but this does not include higher education or apprenticeships.

  • The current graduated system of Early Years/School Action, Early Years/School Action Plus and Statements has been replaced. All children and young people with an identified additional learning need (ALN) that requires additional learning provision (ALP) will have an Individual Development Plan (IDP). The IDP will replace all other individual plans. IDP's for children under compulsory school age, who require them, the early years will be maintained by local authorities.

  • Most Individual Development Plans are maintained by the school but may also be maintained by the Local Authority.

  • The Act expects that all partners such as Education, Health and Social Care will work in collaboration to support children and young people with ALN.

  • There are increased opportunities for children, young people, parents and carers to contribute to the creation and maintenance of Individual Development Plans through Person Centered Planning. Working together in this way should help to avoid disagreements.

  • All reasonable steps are taken to ensure additional learning provision can be provided in Welsh, if required.


Please see below all the information leaflets, guides and learner animations available to parents and carers. Copies of these are available in Welsh upon request.