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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Our Week

Week beginning 11-7-22

What an eventful week! We created gardens from our new construction set - it was quite fiddly, but lots of fun. We had sports day activities and all received our winners medals for being such good sports. On zThursday we visited our new teacher and classroom.

Week beginning 4-7-22

Week beginning 20-6-22

This week has been about the sound "j". We made jellyfish on Tuesday. On Thursday we made jelly and then enjoyed eating it after our hard work in the woods on Friday. We observed all the changes the jelly went through - from jelly cubes, dissolving in the hot water and becoming liquid, and then becoming a wobbly solid after we'd left it in the cold fridge.

Week beginning 13-6-22

Nursery have been enjoying the sunshine. In Religion we have been thinking about our friends and what makes them special; we also painted pictures of our friends. Some members of the class were all ready for ladies day at Ascot! We are becoming very adventurous and resilient when attempting to climb the apparatus in the wooded area.

Week beginning 6-6-22

We have been busy this week. Some of us built a very detailed city using the wooden blocks. Mrs Wheeler introduced hats into our role play area and we enjoyed playing with them. In the outdoor area we explored the tunnels and tent. We have been investigating the habitats of different animals.

Week beginning 23/5/22

We had great fun celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee. Some of us were even transported in our own carriages!

Week beginning: 16-5-22

Our focus book for this week was "Norman the slug with the silly shell". It was about a slug who wanted to be a snail, but he couldn't find anything to use as a shell. He eventually used a doughnut!

We have learned all about spiral shapes. We looked at "The Snail" by Henri Matisse and created our own pictures in his style. 

Week beginning 9-5-22

We have been exploring numbers - recognising, ordering and matching numerals to numicon. Our home corner has seen the addition of some prams and dolls, kindly donated by parents. The children have had great fun looking after the "babies" and taking them on walks. We have been looking at where different minibeasts live and investigating in the woods. We experimented with felt pens, blotting paper and water. It was like magic! We observed all the different colours that dispersed. We discovered that this process is called chromatography. We are using our patterns to create butterflies and flowers for our display.

Our return to school after the Easter break

Welcome back! It was lovely to see our returning pupils and our new children. Everybody has settled back in.

We have been thinking about where we live. We painted houses and thought about the shapes we could use for the windows, doors and roof.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at where other animals live.

Week beginning 28-3-22

What a great week! Our activities were based around the story The three little pigs. We've acted out the story with costumes and puppets. We've had the straw, twigs, bricks and characters in the tuff tray to retell the story and build the houses. We've explored the properties of materials and built structures using 3D shapes. We've painted and coloured in pictures. In one of of versions of the story, the wolf told the pigs to be ready at a certain time so we made clocks - we weren't going to be caught out by the wolf! In the woods this week we explored new growth, especially the wild garlic. Some of the children thought they saw a tiger - but it was only the local cat.

We've been observing the seeds we planted. Our beanstalks are getting much taller and some are almost as high as the giant's castle! The children will be bringing their plants home next week.

Week beginning 21-3-22

Our story this week was The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We built bridges, painted trolls, thought about size and vocabulary and acted out the story. We thought of questions we would like to ask the troll. When we were working outside we noticed our shadows and this is something we are going to explore further next week.

Week beginning 14-3-22

Our story this week has been "The Gingerbread Man". We have been counting and ordering numbers and using real money to pay for items in our class baker's shop. On Thursday we made gingerbread. The weather has been beautiful and we have been using water and squirty bottles to write our names and make patterns on the playground.

Week beginning 7-3-22

We started reading Jack and the Beanstalk and decided to plant our own beans. We thought about what they would need in order to grow.

We created pictures using a marbling technique. We squirted marbling inks into shallow water, placed our paper on top for a few seconds and then carefully peeled the paper away from the water. Our creations are fantastic and each of them is unique! We sang our Welsh songs for St David's day. On Friday, we went into the woods to explore the new play equipment. We got a little bit wet, but we had lots of fun!

Week beginning 28/2/22

It was lovely to see everybody back in Nursery after our half term break.

As Wednesday marked the start of Lent, the children have been thinking about how they can be better friends. We have been practicing our songs for St David's Day and are sounding pretty good! We did some cookery this week, measuring out the ingredients, feeling the different textures  when the ingredients were mixed and timing our cooking. We listened to the story of how the red dragon came to be on our national flag and then made our own Welsh flags.

We have had new outdoor equipment installed and we are very excited to use it next week.

St David's Day 2022 - Eisteddfod 10th March

Eisteddfod competitions:

Welsh Cookery Competition -Nursery-Year 6 

Children are invited to cook a traditional welsh dish eg. Welsh cakes, Glamorgan sausage, Bara brith.  


3D model      Nursery - Year 2 

Children are invited to create a model of a leek, daffodil or love spoon using recycled materials.  


All entries should be returned to school for judging by 1st March 2022.  

Please ensure all items are labelled with your child’s name 

Week beginning 14/2/22

We have been describing and using 3D shapes in our play. We thought the the T-Rex needed more fruit and vegetables in his diet so we made him some tasty fruit swamp juice.

 Week beginning 7-2-22.  

What a busy week we have had!

We read the book “Doctorsaurus” and turned our home corner into a dinosaur doctor’s surgery or a velociraptor vets. We had lots of sick dinosaurs to make better. We talked about how we can keep our bodies healthy, medicines and different types of food. We used our cutting skills to make dinosaurs and named simple 2d shapes. We celebrated Kylo’s birthday on Thursday. 

In Religion we have been talking about and drawing happy times we spend with people.

In the woods, we made some food balls and food cones for the hungry birds, and when we came back into the warm, enjoyed some toast for our snack.

Week beginning 31/1/22

We began our week with a birthday celebration. Elliott is 4!

We wanted to find out which dinosaur was the most popular so we took a vote and made a pictogram. The favourite dinosaur of morning nursery is the triceratops but the favourite of the afternoon nursery is the stegosaurus. We have been investigating water and exploring how to make ice. We played with the ice and watched as it melted and returned to water. We have been counting and ordering numbers, finding one more and some of us can combine 2 groups of dinosaurs to find how many altogether.

On Friday, we had lots of fun in the woods and in the outdoor area. We played on the bikes and scooters. We went exploring in the woods and we had so much fun with the parachute. 

Week beginning 24/1/22

This week, we have been reading the book "That's not my Dinosaur!" and   thinking about different textures and properties of materials. We made our own textured dinosaurs and we are going to create our own book. In the woods we collected lots of natural objects with different textures.

In Religion we listened to the story of the Presentation in the Temple.

Week beginning 17/1/22

Very exciting news - our egg has hatched! We have been thinking about all the things a baby dinosaur will need to help it survive. This week we have been creating dinosaur shelters and sorting dinosaurs into groups. In maths we have been investigating heavier than and lighter than and when we went into the woods we found things heavier or lighter than our dinosaur. We read the book “Dinosaurs in love” (which was actually written by a 3 year old), and thought of different reasons why dinosaurs might have a party.

Week beginning 11/1/22

When we arrived to Nursery, there was a surprise waiting for us! A large egg had been left in our classroom, with a note asking us to look after it. The note said, “please look after my egg. Put it in some water and take care of it”. We carefully followed the instructions and then tried to guess who or what might have left it. Fabian said that it was much bigger than the eggs his chickens lay! We are going to observe it daily to see what happens.

We have been reading the book “10 Little Dinosaurs”. We painted pictures of our own dinosaurs ready to display on the classroom wall.   We have been archaeologists, digging and trying to find dinosaur bones in the rocks and sand.

Week beginning 6/12/21

This week, we have been thinking about how we celebrate a birthday = how we prepare before it and also what we do on the day itself.

 Week beginning 29/11/21

This week we started our topic for Advent and have been learning about preparing for special events. We recorded our songs for the school Carol Service in front of the Christmas tree

We designed and built a marble run. We found the answers to different questions - Where will the marble end if we put it here? How can we make the marble end up in this place?

We are very busy developing our craft skills, but that’s a surprise!

Week beginning 22/11/21

We have been very busy again this week. We have been learning all about God’s wonderful creation. We listened to the story of creation and retold it using actions and sounds.

A selection of photographs from our first half term