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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Our Week

Welsh Phrase of the Week 20th September

Welsh Speakers of the Week 16th September

Trip to Barry Island!

Year 6 Prom

Year Six Business Project

Many congratulations to year six who have made £347.34 profits from their enterprise project. The monies raised will go towards their framed memory picture, and their trip on Monday 18th to Barry Island.

Congratulations year 6 and to the community of Saint Joseph’s who supported you .

Mrs Houston

Corpus Christi Reading Challenge for year 7 pupils 

For the attention of the year seven pupils going to Corpus Christi intake September 2022:

The attached document contains a reading challenge task that the children are required to complete during the summer holidays.

Kind regards,

Mrs Houston

Business Studies Project. The children have worked very hard to create a class business to fund our trip and treats to Barry Island. Please find attached some of the business reports that the children have produced and how successfully they have applied, their numeracy, IT and literacy skills.

The children have worked extremely hard on their music composition, coding and word processing skills this week. Please find a selection of the business reports the children have produced.

Year Six Business Project contined. The children in year six have created their own business to help fund their school trip to Barry island. Today we have made chocolate apples that we will sell in school. Avery big thank you to mrs O'Keefe and Mrs Yumol who came into school to support the children in the maling process.

Macbeth Drama Workshops Literacy and Communication Year Six – Mrs Houston Background of the work we have done in class to prepare for this drama workshop: During the summer term, we in year six have studied a children’s version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We have created performances of the ‘Witches Spell’ a very famous scene from the play. We created our own costumes and performed our work in the wooded area of the school to create a dramatic backdrop. We also worked in small learning groups to create a musical composition to reflect the events and mood of the Witches Scene. To compliment this work we had an actor, Simon, come into school to support us in drama presentations of ‘Macbeth and learn fighting techniques that actors use to present scenes of conflict that are very realistic, but no one gets hurt.

Business Studies Project. Work produced so far. many thanks to the families of Saint Joseph's who have been so supportive of the children's enterprise project. The children have raised £ 150.00 so far! It has provided an opportunity for children to handle real money and to discover the meaning of investment, stock, outgoings, profit, loss etc. The children have used their word processing and ‘Xcel’ skills to record the business skills they are learning. The children are applying their literacy and numeracy skills and are thoroughly enjoying being stakeholders in their own business.

Chocolate Apples Sale - Year Six Enterprise Project

Year Six Rights of the Child Project The children in Mrs Houston’s class are participating in a Rights of the child Unicef Project. Here is an example of some of the work produced as the first part of the project. Other examples of the children’s work is available on the school gallery and the year six class




Dear Parent / Guardian,


Cycling is an enjoyable activity and provides many benefits for children, including improving their health and fitness, however youngsters can be particularly vulnerable on their bikes and require training before taking to busy roads. A Bikeability cycle training course has been organised for your child’s year group by Cardiff Road Safety team, commencing Monday 27th June – Thursday 30th June 2022.


Please be aware that this training will involve use of roads close to the school as well as the playground. We feel it is important to give the children experience of on-road cycling, under the close supervision of our instructors, to help build their confidence when riding in light traffic. If you wish your child to participate and agree with the following responsibilities, please sign the consent form below and return it to the class teacher.


Your Responsibilities:


Ø I will ensure that my child’s bike is suitable for their height and in a roadworthy condition, with tyres fully inflated and both front and rear brakes working efficiently.

Ø I will provide my child with a suitable cycle helmet that will be worn during all training sessions.

Ø Please be aware that unless your child can control their bike confidently and consistently, they will be unable to proceed to the on-road training sessions.

Ø I understand that I am responsible for getting my child and their bike to and from the school.

Ø I accept that Cardiff Council and school staff are responsible for their safety during training times only.

Ø I will inform the school of any medical condition that might affect my child’s cycle training or cause an emergency situation.


Please be aware that the school and Cardiff Council are not responsible for the security of the bike and it is left at the school at your own risk. It is advisable that you provide your child with a bike lock.


Privacy Policy


By completing this form, you consent to Cardiff Council as a data controller to process this information. Your information will be collected and processed for the purpose of Bikeability Cycle Training and will be handled, processed and stored securely in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The information will be retained only for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose above. After that we will securely remove and delete it. The legal basis for processing your personal data is consent and you may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to the contact address:


If you would like to know what information we hold about you, update your details or any other rights, please contact the data protection team via

If you would like more information about how Cardiff Council uses your personal data, then you will find a copy of our Full Privacy Notice at






Child’s Name:



Corpus Christi School Uniform sale

Corpus Christi will be running a Uniform stall at the front of the school between 4.00pm-5.30pm on Wednesday 29th June . We have a number of pre-owned skirts, jumpers, ties, PE Kits in excellent condition available to purchase at affordable prices. 

Macbeth Battle Scene

Still image for this video
Children enacting the battle Scene in Shakespeare's Macbeth.


Further information about the Baseball Tournament at Holy Family

Today we have received notification from Holy Family that parents will be unable to attend the tournament on Friday 24th June because it will be a normal working day in the school. Children are required to bring their own refreshments and ensure they have suitable clothing and sun cream if necessary dependent on weather conditions.

Poetry Writing Macbeth. The children in year six have used the style of writing used by Shakespeare to create their own version of the Witches Brew. The children presented their final edited copy within a cauldron in their context for learning books as part of our project 'What a performance!" The children then prepared a performance of their poem in the woods and created their own costumes to perform their final performance.

School Photographs


A reminder to parents that there are group photographs being taken in school on Monday 23rd May. There is also the opportunity for children to have an individual year six photograph. 

Thank you,

Mrs Houston

Year Six Assessment Fortnight


The children in year six will be undertaking an assessment fortnight after they return after half term. Three assessments are provided by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) and include a numeracy and reasoning paper as well as a reading paper. These assessments are done on - line. In addition there will be additonal assessments to calculate reading and spelling age. This data will be shared with parents on the school report, but children will be orally informed of their scores as soon as the data is received and they can inform you prior to this.


The children have been provided with past papers and online versions of SAT papers if parents / child want to do revision - this is also been done in school. Mark schemes are provided so children can check their answers and learn about errors they make in their revision. On line SAT type assessments are available on the following site - children have used these in the last two weeks of this half term as part of their learning in literacy and numeracy lessons.


It is important that if parents choose to use this site that you only focus on the reading tasks and the three types of mathematics papers with the exclusion of the mental maths paper - these are very similar to the assessments they will undertake on line after half term. (Levels three to five standard papers)


Some children in the class are just about accessing level six. There is the opportunity for children to do these if they finish the level three to five papers. The past papers are located on year six's class page in the 'MY Week' section.


Enjoy your half term,

Kind regards,

Mrs Houston (Year Six Teacher)

Year Six Assessment Fortnight

May 18th 2021 A Visit by PC Cadwallader. Dangers of Using Drugs. Impact of Cyber Bullying Today the children had a visit from PC Cadwallader. As children go to new secondary schools and as part of the Curriculum for Wales, the children are guided about the dangers’ drugs present to them and to society. Children were shown a series of illegal drugs so they know what they look like and the differences between legal and illegal substances. The children discussed the impact on peer pressure and to learn the importance of simply saying “NO!” The second workshop focused on the impact of cyber bullying and the impact it has on the victim. The children watched a video and discussed the emotional and legal ramifications of cyber bullying.

Congratulations to those children in Year Six who made their Sacrament of Reconciliation. All your friends in the class wish you every happiness as tou prepare to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion next weekend.

Football Success


Jacob Year Six
In 2021, Jacob in year six, was put forward to take part in a trials process for Cardiff and Vale Schools football team. Jacob was up against 170 other children from schools around the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. They accepted only three children from the above after one month of trials to join the team and Jacob was successful in gaining one of these spaces. He has worked extremely hard all year training twice a week and also competitive matches against Newport county, Carmarthenshire Schools etc. on top of his grass roots football and training which is also twice a week. Cardiff Schools have had a terrific season resulting in them qualifying for the Welsh schools cup final which will take place this Saturday. Many congratulations Jacob,

All in Saint Joseph’s are so proud of you!

Links with our School Parish, Saint Joseph’s Saint Joseph’s Fun Day Today a member of the Saint Joseph’s Parish Council, Mr Roy Jefferies, came to school to speak to the children about the Saint Joseph’s Church Fun Day. The children have had an opportunity to create a poster to advertise the event and for those children who had already entered, they have been rewarded with a bar of chocolate. (Photographs attached) Additional information on the Saint Joseph’s Fun Day is to be forwarded to parents soon on the website. However, the event will take place at the Maindy Velodrome on Saturday 7th May commencing at 2.00pm and parish and neighbours of the church are invited to attend this free event. Children are encouraged to bring and ride scooters and bikes and participate on an obstacle course, whilst an area for trikes and scooters for the younger children will be provided. (You will not be permitted on the track without a safety helmet.) The green area of the Maindy Velodrome will be used as a picnic area for families to be at the centre of the ‘action’ on the day. We look forward to seeing you at this event, The Parish and School Communities of Saint Joseph’s.

Mini Move Robot Project. The children have applied their computational skillsto construct and code a robot so that they can be made to play a football game.

Micr Mini Project

Still image for this video

Micro Mini Computation and Technology Project

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Micro Mini Project

Still image for this video

Micro Mini Computation and Technolgy Project

Still image for this video

Year Six: Move Mini Computation and Technology Project

Still image for this video
The children have worked collaboratively to construct and programme robots that can be used to play a football game. The children worked very hard on the project producing written reports of their learning. The children described the learning opportunity as fascinating, unique because we have never done anything like it before, challenging, incredible,satisfying hard, and amazing.

Macbeth Workshop: The children in year six will be conducting a new context top 'What a performance!' As part of their literacy work the children will be studying a children's version of Shakespeare's play Macbeth. In preparation for this the children have participated in a Westend Schools workshop introducing the children to the characters in Macbeth. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I have attached videos of the battle scene the children prepared.

Still image for this video

Macbeth Drama Workshop

Still image for this video

Macbeth Drama Workshop

Still image for this video

Computaional Thinking: Examples of reports written by the children to explain and evaluate their learning in this subject.

Computational thinking and programming - Imogen and fia

Still image for this video

Computational thinking and programming - Emilia

Still image for this video

Computational Thinking - Design and make a computer game. Freddie

Still image for this video

Computational Thinking Project - Samuel

Still image for this video

Computational Thinking and programming Game - Charlie

Still image for this video

Computational Thinking and Programming Game

Still image for this video

Computational Thinking Project - Design and make your own computer game. The children in year six have conducted a computational project. The challenge they were set was to design, make and evaluate their own computer game using their computational and programming skills. I have attached videos of the coding skills that the children applied in their games. Each game is different. The children have then gone on to provide a report / explanation / evaluative piece of writing to explain their learning and to identify the computing skills that they need to develop. The writing explains their use of algorithms, patterns, logical reasoning, abstraction, sequencing, testing debugging and delaying skills and how successfully they applied them. The children were so delighted with their work they asked that the deputy headteacher came to the class to look at their games. Mrs wheeler, saw all the games the children had made and the children were able to describe and explain the computational and programme skills that they had utilised to create their game. Mrs Wheeler was so impressed as was Mrs Houston.

24th March My week

Eisteddfod 2022 – Blwyddyn Chwech Winners of the Welsh traditional baking competition Enillwyr cystadleuaeth pobi draddodiadol Cymru

Eisteddfod 2022 – Blwyddyn Chwech Enillwyr cystadleuaeth Cymru i ddylunio baner newydd i Gymru. Winners of the Welsh competition to design a new flag for Wales.

Enillwyr cystadleuaeth deialog Cymru / Winners of the Welsh dilogue competition

Eisteddfod 2022 – Blwyddyn Cwech Enillwyr y cynllun yn gystadleuaeth cit chwaraeon i Gymru Winners of the design a Welsh sports kit competition

Welsh Singing 5

Still image for this video

Wesh Singing 4

Still image for this video

Welsh Singing 3

Still image for this video

Welsh singing 2

Still image for this video

Welsh Singing 1

Still image for this video

March 4th MyWeek

Expressive Arts Project

As part of a whole class competition for Saint David’s Day the children will focus on an Expressive Arts task producing work in the style of the Welsh artist Ruth Jens Evans and a series of paintings she produced entitled Menywod Cymru / Welsh Women. The skills being developed are line and mark, colour, pattern and shape.

Week beginning 1.3.22 - Children in year six presenting their class liturgy for Ash Wednesday

Examples of some of the year six entries submitted so far this week (1st March)

The Saint David’s Day Eisteddfod is being celebrated on the 10th March. Children should submit their entries for competitions by the 9th March please (A list of the competitions are below on the year six my week). The children will be performing three songs that will be available on the school website for parents to watch – Deryn Du, Nefol Tad and Roc a Rol. Children are reminded to wear red for the day. 

Eisteddfod/ St David's Day celebration. 


Please find below our Competitions for this years Eisteddfod. Children are asked to complete as many competitions as the can over half term and return them to school by the 1st March. 

On the 1st of March we invite the children to dress up in traditional welsh costume or wear red eg. Rugby shirt or a red tshirt.

The children will be having a small celebration in school on the 10th March where they will be performing songs and poems and the judging of the competitions will take place.

Eisteddfod Competitions

As parents are aware, the children are working incredibly hard on developing their use of Welsh. This week I have added examples of Welsh reading and writing conducted so far this academic year.

Llangrannog Information for parents

Spectrum Health and Well - Being Workshops

Health and Well Being

Spectrum Workshops.


The children have engaged in three health and well-  being workshops. We have focused on what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships. Children conducted practical activities and identified what objects felt safe and those that felt unsafe and to determine what is a need and what is a want in our lives. Pupils focused upon their rights, but also conducted collaborative learning activities on our responsibilities as a consequence of being privileged enough to enjoy these rights. We investigated parenting using baby dolls, identifying needs and linking to the appropriate roles of parents in meeting the needs of their children.  Finally, children focused on abuse and that it can take the form of physical or psychological nature. Children explored the difference between the two and what they should do and the agencies they can turn to if they are afraid or need support or protection.


Ruben: I thought the workshops were grown up in contact and I found them very interesting.

Imogen: It was interesting to learn what abuse was.

Izzak: I didn’t know there were that many types of abuse.

Ava: I liked making the key change because each bead we used had a different meaning that was related to our learning on the project.

Ethan: I found the workshops interesting as we learnt about people who had suffered abuse and how they managed to escape it.

Week Beginning 4.2.22 - Gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

In PE we have been taking part in gymnastics. Over the last few weeks we have learnt about counter balances, tension balances, rolls and inverted movements. This week our focus was cartwheels and headstands. We practised different movements which helped us to progress to the full movement. In the photos you can see children bunny hopping over a bench which helped us practise the movements needed to complete a cartwheel. We also practised a headstand with our partners helping us to keep our balance. We are now going to look at the different movements that we have learnt and prepare a short performance where we will link the movements together. 

Harry Potter Workshop

Year Five and Six Literacy Workshop 25th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J.K Rowling took six years to write Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the first book in the Harry Potter series. It was published on 26 June, 1997. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the writing of the book.  Many children in year five and six love the Harry Potter books. Consequently, Ms Beynon, our literacy leader, booked a Cardiff schools workshop on ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’  The workshop commenced with a storyteller reading an extract from ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ The children were required to listen carefully as they had to participate in a quiz at the conclusion of the reading. Safe to say, year five and six achieved full marks at the conclusion of the quiz.  Children then listened to another storyteller who read another extract from the text and this was followed by an art and craft activity to make a floating candle just like the ones that feature in the Harry Potter series.  Evaluation of the workshop: Emilia: I thought the presentation was really good because it was fun and interactive and because I love the Harry Potter books

Year Six Poetry Writing Project This week the children in class eight have participated in a poetry project. As you are aware we are reading Michael Morgurgo’s book, ‘The Wreck of the Zanaibar’. We analysed a poem entitled ‘Storm at Sea’ written by Alexander Rakic. We consolidated out understanding of how, similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, metaphors and the use of adjectives, verbs, adverbs and the use of repetition are utilised by poet to convey meaning. The children then used their drafting and editing skills to compose their own storm poem. They have produced excellent work and applied themselves for a sustained period to the task. All poems have been attached so parents can look at their children’s work. 



Week Beginning 31.1.22 - Year Six Chromatography Experiment

The children in year six have been learning about the separation process of chromatography. The children loved the experiment and produced excellent work practically and in their written reports of this separation proces. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our learning.

Week beginning 24.1.22

Art and Design / Celf a Dylunio

As parents will be aware the topic for the Spring Term is ‘Water, water everywhere! How can we use is sustainably?’ As part of this work we have looked hat how a 20th and 21st century artist portray water. We have primarily focused on the work of Gayle Rogers and her depiction of familiar sites in South wales that depict water. These have been included in the gallery. I am delighted with the standard of work produced and were commented on favourably by  a course provider for teacher training on teams. Da iawn blwyddyn chwech!


Saesneg / English

The children have started reading the ‘Wreck of the Zanzibar’ by Michael Morpurgo (Famous for writing the adult book, ‘The war horse’.). The children have conducted guided group reading tasks on the life of the author and produced a piece of summary writing based on the articles read. In addition they have applied their inference skills to draw conclusions about the central character Laura. In addition they have applied their learning on the features of diary writing from the point of ie of the main character’s brother Billy. Again, I was very pleased with the work produced by the children in year six.


Science / Gwyddoniaeth

Physical processes

The children in year six have been learning about the physical processes of evaporation and condensation. Children have applied their learning to produce diagrams that demonstrate these processes within the water cycle. The children have conducted investigations on how the weight of a melting candle changes applying the science skills of establishing a criteria, fair test, hypothesis, method, presenting data in a scatter and line graph form and using the data to support their conclusions by identifying trends and patterns in the data gathered. Children were required to relate their learning to states of matter and the Particle Theory. (photographs’ to be uploaded next week)


Mathemateg / Mathematics

This week the children will be focusing on the topic of probability.

Week Beginning - 17.1.22

In year six our new project, in which we apply our literacy, numeracy and IT skills in different contexts, is entitled ‘Water, water Everywhere! How can we use it sustainably?


As part of Expressive Arts learning, the children have compared how 20th and 21st Welsh artists portray water. Initially we have focused on a local artist called Gayle Rogers. Please find attached examples of the art work we have produced.


Next week we will be looking at the world famous Welsh artist Kyffin Williams, and how he depicts water in such a contrasting way.

Our Week - 10th Jan

Computational Thinking and Coding

WB: 22.11.2021 - Advent Penitential Service

Advent Penitential Service 


As parents are aware, this coming Sunday marks the start of Advent. This Friday, Year Six will present a Penitential Service and we are delighted to welcome Father Scanlon to celebrate the service. Father Justus is presently on holiday but will return in time for the Christmas Mass. I have included a prayer that the children can say in school and at home to celebrate the first week of Advent. 


Week One of Advent School and Home Prayer for Reflection 

Father in this season of Advent we prepare our hearts for your coming. You are the vine, we are the branches. Come and tend us, prune us, clean us. Discard in us everything that does not bear fruit, nourish in us everything that bears much fruit. As we celebrate your coming as a vulnerable baby Our hearts await your glorious return as the eternal King. Nurture in us expectant hearts, O Lord. Cultivate in us a deep longing for more of you. Until that Day when you burst through the heavens, And flood our horizons with your glorious splendour. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, throughout all ages and generations. Amen. 


Year Six Christmas Production 

A Christmas Carol: The Meaning of Christmas 

The children in year six will be producing a show called ‘A Christmas Carol: The Meaning of Christmas’ It is our intention to perform the show for each class in the school so that the children have the opportunity to live Christ’s message through drama and to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. Due to Covid restrictions, parents will not be able to attend the live performance, but the show will be recorded so that you have a keep sake of the children and maybe something that can be shared with the family during your Christmas celebrations. 


Costume Requirements for the Year Six Christmas Show 


Children that have specific roles have been told what they need for costume purposes for the performance. However, the children need to be dressed up as though it is Winter. They should have a warm coat, scarf, gloves ear muffs, a flat cap or a top hat. I do not want parents going to any expense if avoidable.