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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Our Week

Welsh Phrase of the Week 20th September

Welsh Speakers of the Week 19th September

Week Beginning 4-7-2022 and 11-7-2022

In Literacy, we started planning our space mission while enjoying the sun in the park. We thought about where our mission is going, who is travelling with us, the name of our spaceship, how long our mission takes us, and we included our thoughts and feelings. We thoroughly loved it.

In Science, how big is our Solar System? The sheer size of space is often hard to express but in this fun playground activity the distance of each planet from the Sun was demonstrated using toilet rolls. We created a scale model of our Solar System using toilet rolls to show the relative distance between the Sun and each planet. It was FUN and CREATIVE.

In P.E we enjoyed listening to our guest speaker TOM from Active Mind.  We all participated in fun activities and exercises with him. We also enjoyed a DRAMA workshop session, and we were able to create our freeze frames. 

We designed CHILDREN'S RIGHTS posters to increase awareness about our rights. 

 Finally, we wrote a fact file (report writing) about space and each one of us chose his or her own topic.

In assembly, we celebrated our achievements, and we are all very PROUD of it WE WON ATTENDANCE TROPHY.laugh

Week Beginning 6-6-2022

In groups we read aloud and discussed different evidence cards. Then we sorted the evidence as which supports the idea that the Earth is flat and the evidence that supports the idea that Earth is a sphere. We then carried out an experiment to support our evidence and discover; Which idea has the most support? Why? What do we think based on the evidence?

Year Five Assessment Fortnight


The children in year five will be undertaking an assessment fortnight after they return after half term. Three assessments are provided by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) and include a numeracy and reasoning paper as well as a reading paper. These assessments are done on - line. In addition, there will be additional assessments to calculate reading and spelling age. This data will be shared with parents on the school report, but children will be orally informed of their scores as soon as the data is received, and they can inform you prior to this.


The children have been provided with some past papers if parents / child want to do revision - this has also been done in school. Mark schemes are provided so children can check their answers and learn about errors they make in their revision. Online SAT type assessments are available on the following site - children have used these in the last two weeks of this half term as part of their learning in literacy and numeracy lessons.


It is important that if parents choose to use this site that you only focus on the reading tasks and the three types of mathematics papers with the exclusion of the mental maths paper - these are very similar to the assessments they will undertake online after half term. (Levels three to five standard papers).

The past papers are located on year five’s Google class, and class page in the 'MY Week' section.


Enjoy your half term,

Kind regards,

Mrs Zabaneh (Year Five Teacher)

In Literacy, we have been learning about figurative language and the features of poetry. We read several types of poetry, we used our skills in drama and created freeze frame to convey the poet’s aim. Each one of us had a choice to choose a poem and re-write it.

In Context, we discussed different examples of gaming and entertainment technology. We explored which of these examples of technology we use at home and how it makes our lives easier, connecting to our own experiences and real-world knowledge. We were challenged to sort several examples of gaming and entertainment technology into their matching category in the order they were made. We used our research skills to research the past and present gaming and entertainment technologies. In RE, we continued learning about the Pentecost and St Paul. 

May 17th 2022 We had a visit by PC Cadwallader, to discuss antisocial behaviour and stranger danger. 

We joined children across Wales to celebrate Diwrnod Seren a Sbarc. We create a logo to help promote the use of the Welsh language.  

In assembly, we celebrated our achievements and were very PROUD of it.

Week Beginning 9-5-2022

In Literacy, we started a new topic about poetry. We have been learning about similes, metaphors, alliteration, and repetition. We analysed and annotated a poem by William Blake (Tyger! Tyger!).

In Context, we are learning about Technology (Technology in the past, present and future!) we compared and contrasted Communication Technology in the past and the present.  In R.E we have been learning about the symbols of Pentecost and analysed the painting of Conversion of St Paul Angelico.

We enjoyed our swimming classes this week and celebrated our achievements in our Merit assembly.

In Maths, we have been learning about the area of a circle (radius and circumference) as we are going to use this knowledge in creating our project by making a useful device that can be more than a traditional trundle wheel. We are going to code it to calculate the distance travelled. Since there is some interesting circle related maths we started learning about the area of circles. We started the coding part of our project and will continue working on our project after the Easter Break.

In Science, we carried an investigation to answer a thought-provoking question. Do all solids dissolve? We discussed our predictions and decided on the methods to carry out our investigation. Our findings were interesting.

 In R.E we have been learning about Holy Week and completed it with a very successful and ecstatic Easter Sunday performance.

We had an outdoor Easter Egg Math Hunt; after each one of us collected two eggs we came back to our class to solve the maths problem found inside the eggs and then use the QR code to check our answers and mark our own work.   

Finally, Easter Bonnet Parade was entertaining.  

In Maths, we have been learning about rotation, translation, and reflection of shapes on a coordinate gird. We enjoyed using tracing paper to rotate shapes on 4 quadrant grids.

In Literacy, we wrote a guide on how to make a magic spell: Instructional writing.  We pretended that we are going to help Gwyn’s and find out if we are magicians. We started by listing the ingredients of the magic spell, then writing the steps to mix the ingredients and make the magic. We used adverbials of time, e.g., first, then, next, and finally. And imperative verbs (Bossy verbs), e.g., stir mix mash. Also in Literacy, we participated in a Westend Schools workshop about Shakespeare. We were introduced to the characters in Macbeth and performed some acts. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

In Context, we integrated our learning in maths about coordinates to be able to use 4 figure grid references and the key to find places and map symbols. We learned how locate and find places in Cardiff Bay’s map using the 4-figure grid reference.

In expressive art, we enjoyed last week creating artwork inspired by the fantastic Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts, using bright and colourful colours and FINALLY our display is ready…HURRRRRYYYY!.

In RE, we used our laptop to complete our learning about Good Friday-the crucifixion and Easter Sunday. 

 Finally, we enjoyed our P.E lesson and practiced some Gymnastic techniques.

In assembly, we celebrated our achievements, and we are all very PROUD of it.

In Maths, we have been learning about coordinates and the four quadrants. As we are very excited about having our new laptops, we used them playing Kahoot! to practice our math skills.  

In Literacy, we have been reading (The Snow Spider) by Jenny Nimmo and have been writing character description. Each one of us had a choice to pick a favourite character and write about.

In Context, we used a variety of maps at different scales to locate where Cardiff Bay is in relation to our school. Then we focused in on the selected site for development. Where is it? How can we get there? How would I travel from my school to Cardiff Bay? We wrote specific directions for a bus driver and an estimation of distance activity: How far is Cardiff Bay from our school? How far is it to other places in Wales? We researched using maps / internet how far distance is exactly. Used route map guidance form internet to compare own directions. How many ways could we use to get to Cardiff Bay?

In expressive art, we continued enjoying creating our artwork inspired by the fantastic Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts, we enjoyed colour mixing to make our art as bright and colourful….

We celebrated Fairtrade day by watching a video clip and had the opportunity to compare the climate in the UK with the climate in the cocoa growing region of West Africa. Then we created our own posters to show that we have the power to make a difference to the life of people affected by the climate crises. We can all help by choosing Fairtrade.  

In RE, we started continued learning about Jesus betrayal, arrest, and trail. Mrs Riordan led a P4C (Philosophy for children) session to helps us to be critical, creative, caring, and collaborative thinkers.  

 Finally, we enjoyed our P.E lesson and practiced some Gymnastic techniques.

In assembly, we celebrated our achievements and were very PROUD of it.

In Maths, we have been learning about ratios and proportions. In Literacy, we have been reading “The Snow Spider” novel by Jenny Nimmo.

In Context, we are learning about the locality of our school and how it links to other localities. We are also learning about Cardiff Bay and its importance to Wales. In expressive arts we designed artwork in the style of Rhiannon. A Welsh artist.  Finally, we started practicing gymnastic in P.E.

In R.E we created a booklet about lent and we had the mass of the feast of Saint Joseph.

Eisteddfod 2022

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This year we were so glad to be able to be back in the hall performing in front of the rest of the school. It made our St. David’s day celebration extra special. We hope you enjoy our performance

Eisteddfod/ St David's Day celebration. 


Please find below our Competitions for this years Eisteddfod. Children are asked to complete as many competitions as they can over half term and return them to school by the 1st March. 

On the 1st of March we invite the children to dress up in traditional welsh costume or wear red eg. Rugby shirt or a red t-shirt.

The children will be having a small celebration in school on the 10th March where they will be performing songs and poems and the judging of the competitions will take place.

Eisteddfod Competitions

In Maths, we have been learning about adding and subtracting methods using mental strategies. We enjoyed playing Tic-Tac-Toe game while applying different rules. To win you must be the person who places a number in the third column, row, or diagonal to add up to 15. And we had ONE important rule for the person who goes first, they CAN NOT put a 5 in the middle. We all liked the game.

In Literacy, we have been reading ‘Street child’ by Berlie Doherty and have completed the story. We enjoyed our narrative writing and creating a different ending to the story.

In Context, we had the chance to research an invention during the industrial revolution. Each one had to complete answering several questions as a homework. *** BEST PART: Each one of us only researched one invention, but we all learned about 29 inventions that have influenced the world, after hearing our classmates’ presentations! What we learned from completing this homework research and listening to others present is priceless…  

 Finally, we enjoyed our last football P.E lesson and practiced some techniques.

WE are SOOOO ready to enjoy our half-term.  

In Literacy, we have been reading ‘Street child’ by Berlie Doherty and have been writing balanced arguments for a prospective character decision. The big question: To escape the awful Victorian Workhouse and face the unknown, or stay put and suffer the cruelty? Once we completed writing our arguments, we paired up to relay our pros and cons to the class. In particular, we focused on conditional sentencesmodal verbs and comparing and contrasting conjunctions.

The Victorians loved dinosaurs and collecting fossils. Therefore, in Context we discovered that Mary Anning (1799–1847) was a famous fossil hunter. She often went searching on the coast after a storm because this caused cliffs to fall and rocks to break open. Her work helped to change scientific thinking about prehistoric life and the history of the Earth. We found out why fossils are found inside cliffs and other rocks. And we made a model to show how fossils are formed.

We celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week (7-13 February) by creating our own ‘Support Balloons’ and considered the people in our lives who help us to grow. Who might we turn to when things get tough, or we need support? This included parent, carers, siblings, teachers, coaches etc.

In RE, we started a new topic about memorial and sacrifice. We created a mind map to identify how memories are made and created, then each one of use wrote about a special memory. Finally, we enjoyed our P.E outdoor football lesson and practiced some techniques.

In Maths, we have been learning about algebra. We applied our knowledge of algebra using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In Literacy, we have used the information we’ve read in Chapter 4-6 (Street Child) to describe the workhouse during the Victorian times. We also learned how to use PEE (Point, Evidence and Explanation) method in writing. We enjoyed an online Harry Potter Book Night event with the library: Magical Journeys. To celebrate 25 years of magic!

 In Context, we created a google slide presentations working in groups. We applied the knowledge we gained from all the research we did last week, about children’s lives during the Victorian times. In RE, we discussed how we are all different but united as one. We created a picture of what we believe is the natural world. We also discussed and understood that there are different groups that belong to the Christian faith. Then each one of us, completed research about a chosen Christian denomination using google slides. Finally, we enjoyed our P.E outdoor football lesson and practiced some techniques.

We also completed our posters about FRIENDLY SOLVERS. We are going to distribute them in school to raise awareness about our Peer Mediator role.

We always celebrate our Virtues (Curious and Active) by acknowledging our friends hard work and commitment to learning. Each day our Helpwr Heddiw allocate a J2Star to their classmates.

In Maths, we have been learning about probability (Certain, very likely, likely, even chance, less likely, unlikely, and impossible). We also enjoyed applying our learning to real life situations while enjoying a hand-on lesson using Skittles. In Literacy, we have used the information we’ve read in Chapter 2 and 3 (Street Child) to write a description of a character in our own words. In Context, we did research about children’s lives during the Victorian times, we also compared between rich and poor children during that time, then we used our research information to produce a comparative writing. In RE, after we completed our research about the Archdiocese of Cardiff, we created the leaflet. Then we read a biography about Archbishop George Stack and produced a timeline about his life. Finally, we enjoyed our P.E outdoor football lesson and practiced some techniques.

We always celebrate our Virtues (Curious and Active) by acknowledging our friends hard work and commitment to learning. Each day the class Helpwr Heddiw allocate a J2Star to their classmates.


In Maths, we have been dividing and multiplying using doubling and halving. In Literacy, we have considered the author’s (Berlie Doherty) intentions and purposes. Then we used drama techniques to create freeze-frame to show the key moment to its best. Each one of us worked constructively as part of a group to create the scenesmiley. In Context, we re-created a scene of South Wales during the industrial revolution in the style of Lowry. In RE, we did some research about the Archdiocese of Cardiff to create a leaflet. Finally, we enjoyed our P.E outdoor and played football.

Week Beginning - 11/1/2022

WELCOME BACK YEAR 5.smiley.........

Year 5 pupils started their week by continuing their ‘Peer Mediator/Friendly Solvers’ training by Mrs Riordan. Peer Mediators/ Friendly Solvers are pupils who befriend and support other pupils who may have worries or concerns. Mrs Riordan and Mrs Zabaneh will help support year 5 pupils in carrying out this task. They also, enjoyed their P.E lesson outdoor in the sun and practiced playing football. In Literacy, they started reading Street Child novel by Berlie Doherty. Street Child is a novel written about a true story set during the Victorian era about a ten-year-old boy known as Jim Jarvis.

Computational Thinking and Micro-bit Coding. 10-12-2021

Pupils in year 5 were able to get hands on and switch from being consumers of digital information to designers and creators. Such active learning activity ensured that we in year 5 can retain information with greater ease. Coding with the micro:bit encouraged us to gain basic skills preparing us for today's modern digital world. As the micro:bit integrates the code we write with the embedded hardware to create interesting projects, while teaching us how to control hardware through programming. We enjoyed our lesson and had great fun. wink

Jesse Tree. 3-12-2021

During Advent, we had a Jesse tree in our classroom.  In our RE lessons we have been thinking about Advent traditions and the meaning of different things.  We found out that Jesse Trees are a very old Christmas Tradition and first started in medieval times. Jesse Trees are used to help tell the story of the Bible from creation to the Christmas Story.  The name comes from Jesse who was the Father of the great Jewish King David.  Each day during Advent we are placing a different symbol on our tree to represent a different Bible story.

Can the Longest Legs Jump the Furthest? 2-12-2021

Year 5 children carried out an investigation using measurement of leg lengths. In groups we completed the challenge about different bodies using a measuring tape. We tried to investigate (Do the people with the longest legs jump the furthest?). We also discussed how our bodies vary and how these differences make the bodies suited to different kinds of sports. We thought about differences in muscle size and stature in particular. We learned that there are three different types of jumps in Olympic games (long jump, triple jump, and high jump).

What is a Global Citizen? 19th of November 2021

Peer Mediator's Training. 18th of November 2021

In our training we discussed how to be good friends and good listeners. We agreed on calling our mediator group, Friendly Solvers.  Also, we discussed what Friendly Solvers do and what they don’t do. Friendly Solvers listen to their peers. Friendly Solvers summarise what their peers have said, and try to assist their peers in solving problems. The most important point is not to take sides or blame anyone. Friendly Solvers don’t mediate about anything outside of school or tell their peers how to solve their problems.  

Making a compass to survive the Amazon River. 16th of November 2021

We explored the Amazon River and compared it to the Severn River. As explorers we investigated how when it is dark or foggy, ships need to know they are sailing in the right direction. A ship’s navigator uses a compass to check that they are still on course. And how explorers also use a compass to help them find their way and avoid getting lost.

Maths Outdoor Learning 14th of November 2021

Our outdoor Maths activities for this week was to learn analogue time. We used chalk to draw a clock on the ground. The hands of the clock was demonstrated by two different lengths of lines, which encouraged us to consider the hour and minute hands of a clock.

Can we clean dirty water? 

Year 5 children investigated how to help pirates and explorers’ clean dirty water during their journey.  Working in small groups, we planned our own investigation method of cleaning the contaminated water, using; beakers, funnels, filter paper, cotton wool, gravel, sand, and spoons.