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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae


Pollution - drawing our sketch maps

Saint David's Day arrangements

Year 5 Newsletter



The children have all returned to school with energy and enthusiasm. On Wednesday, we were joined by Fr Ambrose, parents and grandparents to begin our term with a joyful celebration of Mass on the theme of "Mission".

On Monday, we were visited by the Substance mis-use team. They explained to us the dangers of drinking alcohol.


We started work on our science topic of Space. We have investigated the planets in our solar system and used our numeracy skills to create scaled drawings of them.


We have been investigating how much air is in our lungs. We tried to think of as many different ways as possible to help us find out. Eventually we agreed that we would take a deep breath, blow up a balloon and then measure the diameter of the balloon. We used a conversion graph to find out how much air was in the inflated balloon.


We have been solving Christmas Maths puzzles. In groups we had to investigate who broke into Santa's house and stole the presents. We had to read a list of clues and work out where everybody lived. Then we had to calculate the distances each person travelled on Christmas Eve - this helped us decide on the thief!


On Thursday, the children in Year 5 were invited to visit St Mark's Church for "Through the Keyhole". We followed a trail in and around the building finding clues. We visited the home of Mary and heard the story of the Annunciation. Then we visited the hillside of the shepherds, followed by the tent of the kings. We saw the workshop of Joseph and then walked to a small stable where we met Mary, Joseph and the newly born baby. It was amazing. Each person told us their own special story.

After this we went into a big hall where we did Christmas crafts and made decorations - including an edible Jesus in the manger! We had a great afternoon.


Year 5 have been preparing to lead the Parish Mass on Sunday. We are quite excited because it is an honour to lead the Mass for the First Sunday of Advent. We have written our own bidding prayers.

Our Class Worship this week was led by Doni, George, Keston and George and was on the theme of Advent and preparing  for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.


This week we had an anti-bullying presentation from Big Foot Theatre Company. The actor portrayed different characters in a school and how, in their own ways, they were victims of bullying. We had great fun exploring the different characters during a drama workshop. We worked together to portray the different emotions of the characters and we created freeze frames of parts of the story. (you can see the photographs on our photograph page)

In science we have been detectives, using clues and evidence to find answers. We used formulas involving bone length to calculate our approximate heights and then compared this to our actual height.


This week, Fr Ambrose came to celebrate our class mass. It was based on the theme of friendship and commitment,which incorporated our recent topics of Ourselves and Life Choices. Thank you to the family and friends who came to celebrate and support us.

Our Class worship this week was led by Rachel, Fionnula, Shreya and Nia and was on the theme of Reflect. A lot of work had gone into the preparation of our worship, including sourcing artefacts for the focal point, creating a powerpoint and writing prayers. We all agreed that the worship allowed us time to reflect on our actions and was a very meaningful and thoughtful occasion.

On Monday we had a taster session of table tennis. Our coach is hoping to set up an after school club in the near future - details to follow in the main newsletter.

In art, we investigated the work of Vincent Van Gogh, and used chalk pastels and paints to imitate his style.


Photographs can be found on the photograph page


In science this week, we have been thinking about temperature and what happens to liquids when they cool down. From our data, we discovered that after a certain time, the temperature of a liquid remains constant. After much discussion we decided this was because the liquid had reached the same temperature as the air around it - room temperature. We recorded our data in a table, then used it to plot a line graph.

Thank you to the family and friends who celebrated our class assembly with us this week. The children have enjoyed learning about how each of us is called to a different mission in life. We have been looking at how the Sacrament of Marriage is both a vocation and a mission.


Another very busy week! Our country for International week was Iceland. We enjoyed learning all about the country - some of us were quite surprised at where in the world it is and how big Iceland actually is compared to Wales. We had a belly dancing workshop on Tuesday, which was great fun. Everybody in the class participated with enthusiasm!


Year 5 are participating in the "Spring Bulb Challenge". This is an annual event sponsored by the National Museum of Wales. It is a study into the effects of climate change on flowing plants/bulbs. About 200 schools across Wales participate in this project. We have all been given daffodil and crocus bulbs and to make it a fair test, we all have to plant our bulbs on the same day in the same way. We will record temperature and rainfall readings daily until February. We have to observe when our bulbs start to grow and bloom. All our results are sent electronically every day.


Our worship this week was led by Libby, Bonnie, Freya and Stephanie and was on the theme of "The Commandments". We listened to a reading from the Old Testament and the girls composed their own bidding prayers. We sang the hymn "A New Commandment" and we were asked to reflect on how we follow this commandment in our everyday lives.


Photographs of all these activities can be found on our photographs page.


Our Class worship this week was led by Nia, Vaxsini and Maisey. It was on the theme of "Made to be like God". We gathered to reflective music and sat in a circle. We all placed a pebble in  a bowl of water and thought about the qualities and talents we have. We listened to a reading from the book of Genesis. The girls had composed a short prayer which we repeated. We thought about how we could live our lives in the image of God.


Class Worship

On Tuesday 3rd October, we went to Big Pit Mining Museum. It took quite a long time to get there, nearly an hour! We wanted to find out what life was like working in the coal mines in the time of Queen Victoria. We had a fantastic time! We went underground and had to dress like real miners with a belt, a helmet and a light. It was really dark and cold in the mine. We found out that children younger than us worked in the mine and sometimes had to sit in darkness for 12 hours. We saw the stables where the horses were kept. We couldn't believe that horses worked in the mines too. They only came to the surface for 2 weeks every year. After lunch we had a workshop where we could try and pull the drams. They were very heavy. It was a really good trip and we are looking forward to learning more about life in Victorian Wales - Savio and Jack.

We would like to thank the parents who accompanied us on our trip. Without your help and support  this trip would not have been possible.

You will find more pictures on our photographs page