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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

School Uniform

Please could all parents ensure that their child wears school uniform each day unless a class PE day. 

The policy of the school, as formulated by the Governing Body, strongly requires that pupils in our school wear school uniform at all times for the following reasons: -

  • Financially it excels in wear and durability and solves the problem of “what to wear”
  • It encourages good discipline inside and outside of the school premises
  • It presents a good image of the school - the children not only look smart but also are easily identifiable
  • It reduces the potential for emotional bullying when children could otherwise compare and contrast how their peers dress – including competition in fashion design


               Boys - Grey sweat-shirts, gold polo shirt, grey trousers or grey joggers,

               suitable black  footwear

               Girls - Grey sweatshirts, gold polo shirt, grey skirt or pinafore or grey                    joggers, suitable black footwear


            Boys - Grey sweatshirt, gold polo shirt, grey trousers or grey shorts or                   grey joggers, suitable black footwear

          Girls - Grey sweatshirt, gold polo shirt, grey skirt or culottes, grey joggers              or grey shorts, yellow and white dress

              All items of school uniform can be ordered from YC Sports or can be 

               purchased from any large store (eg Tesco) .

            If you have any problems with purchasing school uniform, please                            contact the school