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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Homework Update for St. Teilo, St. Gwynno, St. Tydfil and St. Dwynwen.​​​​​​​

Please ensure the following homework activities have been completed on Flip:

  • My Rights!
  • My Voice!
  • Compassionate and Loving 
  • Eloquent and Truthful
  • Four Purposes
  • Faith-filled and Hopeful

Flip activities are accessed by clicking the 'Flip' tab in Microsoft Teams (Hwb). 

Please also ensure the following assignments on Teams have been completed:

  • Reading Progress Homework 1
  • Reading Progress Homework 2 

If you are having issues accessing Flip, please see the image attached to this update.

For further support, please see the following link:

Thank you.