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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Parent pay and booking meals

Parents & Carers

Unfortunately, yesterday, there was a problem with school lunches as a number of parents had not booked their children’s meals.

The kitchen staff order their food from the number of meals on the booking system. If a meal has not been booked, the food is not ordered and therefore a specific meal is not available for the child.

We have tried a number of ways to ensure that lunch times run smoothly, however if a meal has not been booked for your child, they may sometimes have to wait on their table until all booked children have received their meals. This is because a child that has not been booked in cannot take the meal of a child pre-booked.  All children will be offered a meal and we try our best to ensure that children have their choice, but choice cannot be guaranteed if no meal is booked.

Starting from Wednesday (as the kitchen need to order them in) If a child’s meal has not been booked they will be offered a baked potato with either beans or cheese without waiting.  If children do not wish to have a baked potato, unfortunately they may have to wait on their table and then will be able to choose food from the options available.

Thank you for your support