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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Year Six Trip to Barrybados!

A celebration of year six’s time in Saint Joseph’s 

It is my and Ms Chinnick’s intention to take the children to Barry Island on Monday 18th July. To organise this and to maintain the safety of all children and to ensure a celebration of their time in Saint Joseph’s with the challenges we have all had to face because of the pandemic, Ms. Chinnick and I are keen that this should be a great day for the Saint Joseph’s Year Six community. However, Ms Chinnick and I cannot do this on our own, so we are asking for the following assistance for parents who are able to attend the event: 

  • We need all children to be brought to school at the usual time as we will be catching the train from Cathays at 9.46 pm. We will leave school promptly at 9.00 am. So we are in good time for the train We will catch the train from Barry back to Cathays at 2.26 pm and will walk back to school and will be back between 3.30 and 3.45pm. Many thanks to Mr Ekstrom Gabb helping us with these arrangements.
  • We require 2 parents to accompany us on the train to Barry Island – this would involve a £5.00 cost for those parents who are able to accompany us. 
  • I know some parents have said that they can ferry the bats, balls, baseball posts, cones etc., but these need to be carried so if any parents can help please let me know as soon as possible. Taking two chairs for Mrs Houston and Ms Chinnick would be much appreciated. 
  • Children can obviously wear bathers, but no bikinis are permitted. 
  • Children MUST wear a T shirt over their bather or shorts so children’s skin doesn’t get burnt. 
  • It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children have applied sun screen prior to going on the trip and to provide sun screen for the day. 
  • Hats must be worn throughout the day – the weather is predicted to be warm and we do NOT want children to succumb to heat stroke. 
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that children have plenty to drink for the day. 
  • Children will require a towel. Children will not be allowed further than their stomachs in the water and will be supervised throughout.

Organising Lunch – Support required please. 

As parents will be fully appreciative of, Ms Chinnick and I MUST have the children within our sights at ALL TIMES. We will need at least three parents to go and get food for the children. Each child has five pounds to spend that they have raised from their business study project. We would very much appreciate a group of four parents that would organise the purchasing of food on the day. This will require a number of parents to carry the food – if any parents are able to organise this can they please let us know as soon as is possible please. Either see me at the end of school or ring the office and Ms Ekstrom Gabb will pass you through to me in the classroom. Many thanks in advance. 

Cost of the trip: 

The children have raised enough money from their Business Enterprise Project to pay for their return fare on the train and their meal to celebrate their final days in Saint Joseph’s Primary School. 

Therefore, we are requesting a donation of £2.50 so that children can purchase an ice cream / ice lolly to enjoy when we get on the train to return home. (Any monies raised will be spent on the children with a treat during the week)

All parents are welcome to meet us at the end of the beach on the right-hand side. Ms Chinnick and I are eager to ensure this is a very special day for the children and one they can look back on with affection. 

Many thanks to all year six parents / grandparents for their continued support.

Kind regards, 

Mrs Houston and Ms Chinnick