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St Joseph's R.C. Primary School

Have a Green Halloween!

If you or the kids are carving a pumpkin this year, remember to put it out with your food waste so your pumpkin can be transformed into green energy!

👻You can put it out for recycling next to or on top of your food bin for collection; this will save you cutting it up into chunks.

🕯️Please make sure you remove any candles, wax or decorations. Fangs a lot.

💀You don’t need to throw away the carved-out pieces either, instead use it to make Pumpkin Lasagne, Pumpkin Seed Snacks or Pumpkin Pie.

😈For more information on what you can recycle, please visit our A-Z of recycling on our website or download the Cardiff Gov app.

🕷️Happy Halloween!

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