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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

My Virtues



The St Joseph's Pupil Profile teaches the children to embody 8 pairs of virtues. 
How it Works

The children will be asked to focus on a different pair of virtues every half term. These are listed below. 

Children in Key Stage 2 will need to answer questions related to each pair of virtues (by accessing 'My Profile') throughout the year and state how much progress they are making. They do this on Microsoft Teams by picking and highlighting a number on a scale.  


E.g.  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 

If the children score a 3, 4 or 5, they will be awarded a bronze award. If they score a 6, 7 or 8, they will be awarded silver award. If they score a 9 or 10, they will be awarded a gold award. Awards will be handed out during assembly. 




Compassionate & Loving


Pupils in our school are growing to be compassionate toward others, especially the less fortunate; and loving in what they do and in what they say. To be compassionate is to listen to someone’s concerns and to try to understand how they feel.  Jesus’ great commandment is ‘Love one another.”


Faith-Filled & Hopeful


Pupils in our school are growing to be faith-filled in their beliefs and hopeful for the future. We have faith in those who are closest to us – our family and friends. We need to have faith in ourselves. We should also have faith in the communities to which we belong – our parish and school. And finally, God invites us to have faith in him and his son, Jesus Christ. Faith cannot be taken for granted: it must be built up day by day.

Hope grows out of faith and love. Christianity teaches that God is a God of hope. We must not be frightened to take on new challenges. We must use our strengths and ask for help from those around us, to overcome these challenges.


Eloquent & Truthful


Eloquence was at the heart of the Jesuit educational mission – to make sure young people had the language to ask questions, express emotions, talk about matters of faith and hope and engage in conversation. Eloquence must be used in a truthful way. As Jesus tells us, “The truth will set you free.” (John 8:32).


Learned & Wise


Pupils in our school are growing to be learned. This means finding God in all things. They are also learning to become wise by developing an understanding of what is important and what is not. By doing this, pupils develop the ability to work with others for the good of all.


Curious & Active


Pupils in our school are growing to be curious about everything and try to change the world for the better. Curiosity is needed for children to want to learn. Our school challenges pupils to use what they learn to make small differences, so that they are ready for the day when they can make a big difference.


Intentional & Prophetic


Living intentionally is about the choices you make and knowing what is important for you and what you want to spend your time and energies doing.

It means living a good life, by a set of rules. Jesus Christ was a person who lived intentionally and is a good role model for us all to follow.

Our choices must have a positive impact on others. Being prophetic is about being seen to be doing good and about speaking out for what is right.



Grateful & Generous


Gratitude is always Saint Ignatius’ starting point. Before we reflect or pray, make a decision, or begin a new day, he calls on us to remember everything that we have to be grateful for. We must be generous in the things we do for others. More often than not, it is the small acts of daily kindness and generosity, putting others before ourselves, which have the greatest and deepest impact.


Attentive & Discerning


Being attentive takes practice. Ignatius tells us that we should take time to notice the big and small things of each day; we need to be aware of the feelings of other people.  Once we become attentive, we begin to discern (recognise) what is good for us and what God expects of us.




The profile needs to updated on the dates shown below. The day for updating the profile will always fall on a Monday so children have the option to attend homework club should they not be able to update their profile at home. There will also be additional opportunities for the children to update their profile in school.  


My Profile’ and ‘My Targets’ are accessed through Hwb. Please click Office 365, Teams and then navigate to the assignments tab. The children have been show how to update these documents and will receive additional support during the year.