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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae


Week 3 Homework - 21st September


Task 1: Please learn the following words and write them in the Purple Homework Books. We will be having a spelling test next week. 











Task 2: Please write a sentence about what happens on the last page of your Guided Group Reading books and draw a picture in the Yellow Books


I am attending a course on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week so please speak to Mrs Brooks if you have any questions about the homework. 


Have a lovely weekend :)

Week 2 Homework - 14th September. 


This week we have been practicing our number bonds to 10! 



Task 1: How many different ways can you make 10 using only two numbers?


How many different ways can you make 20 using only two numbers?


Task 2: Please read your guided reading book and draw a picture of the characters you have read about. 

Either label your characters with their names or write this in a full sentence.



Please record in the Purple Homework books with the Date completed

Have a lovely weekend! :) 















































Homework 14th July 


1. Could you please read your Guided Reading Book and bring it back in on Monday. 


2. Please complete the spellings sent home on Friday. We will be having a small test next week based on some of these words.


Please continue to learn them over the Summer holidays because as well, as these are the spellings that many children are still spelling wrong so recapping these will be a good support for Year 2! 





Homework 30th June


Please complete the following questions. 



+ 6

Half it

+ 5

What is your answer?




Double it. 

- 3

+ 10. 

What is your answer?




Double it. 


What is your answer?



If you would like to do more questions, challenge yourself to see how many you can make up yourself! 


Homework 22nd June


Thank you for the brilliant instruments you made for homework last week, they have been brilliant


This week could you please complete the following:


1. Learn your lines for our Class Assembly on Tuesday. These were given out on Thursday. 

2. Read your new Guided Reading book.

3. Find a picture of a celebration you have attended. It could be a wedding, a big event, a carnival, a parade, a birthday etc. 


We will be using the picture as a stimulus for writing during our Context lesson. Please put the photo loose in books (make sure it is one that can either be copied or you have replicas of as we will be sticking it in!)


Have a great weekend, Diolch! 


Homework 16th June 


This week in school we have been learning about different musical instruments! 

For your homework this week, could you please complete the following:


1. Make a musical instrument! 

It can be made of any material and it can make any sound you like! It can be small or big, it is up to you! 


2. Please can you also read your Guided Reading books ready for next week's comprehension! 


This will be due on Thursday 22nd June. 


Have a super weekend and enjoy the sunshine!



Homework 8th June 


We will be starting our next context 'Carnivals'. Please can you:



1. Draw a picture of what you would expect to see in a carnival. 

2. Label it all using key words. 

3. Make it colourful and exciting. 



If you would like to take 2 pages, feel free! 

This will be due on Thursday 15th June. 



Homework 19th May


Please learn the following words for our spelling test on Friday. 





there (there are 3 seagulls)

their (their tops were red). 











Easter Holiday Homework. 



1. When we come back after half term, our context will be 'Land Ahoy!'

In preparation for this, I would like you to make a 3d Model of a boat! It can be make of anything you like, recycled materials, paper etc and it can be any size you wish! 


2. Could you also create a mind map titled 'What do we already know'? and record everything you know and associate with our context title 'Land Ahoy!'. This could be anything from boats to pirates..... AAARRRR! 


Please also ensure your child has read at least 3 or 4 of the bug club books online, and has completed the work inside their homework books (the title, a picture and a sentence about the book as agreed before). 


I hope you are all enjoying the start of your holidays, and look forward to our next term! 

Miss Williams :) :) 





Homework 1st April 


Hi all.

This week, please continue to read the bug club books online. Once your child has read the book, please ask them to write 1 sentence and draw a picture about the book! 


The children that had their homework bags in school on Friday all had new reading record sheets stuck into the front. 


Please record what school based book your child has read and when in the table. This can be either the bug club books or the Guided reading books I send home a Friday.

For those that have not got the new sheet stuck in the front page, please send your children in with their homework bags at some point this week so I can update them! 


Have a lovely weekend :) 


Miss Williams :) 

****Guided Reading Update***


Parents, each week I will be sending guided reading books home on a Friday, and will expect them back in school on a Monday. You may have the same book two weeks running but this only helps build fluency when reading, a skill that I am looking out for when listening to your children read over a 2 week rotation! 


Please make sure you do read the guided reading books, they are only a few pages long. I understand this is in addition to the bug club books, but reading supports learning across all area's of our curriculum! 


Thank you. 


Miss Williams :) 

Homework 17th March


This week, please complete the following maths homework:


You have opened up a new Garden Centre! You need items to go in it.

Pick 7 items to sell in your garden centre, draw them (make it beautiful!) and give them a price. 


Draig up to £1. 

Cenhinen/Cenhinen Pedr up to 50p.

Cestyl up to 20p. 


Add different items together and see how much a customer could spend with their

£1 coin, their 50p coin or their 20p coin.


Can you add the add prices together to find different totals? 

How many items can they by for the amount they have?


EXTENSION: do you have any special offers? Buy 1 get something free?


I have also allocated everyone new books on Bug Club. Please ensure your child is reading at least 1 a week, and please can they now write a sentences & draw a picture about something in the book they have read. 


This will be due on Thursday. 


 Have a super weekend! 


Miss Williams. 





Optional Homework to work through at home! 


Hi all! Please find a new section of our Homework page titled 'Additional Maths' where I have uploaded some maths challenges! 


I have made 3 different maths challenge PDF's that you can work through with your children, as and when you wish! They are differentiated, so it up to you whether you choose the Mild, Medium or the Extra Hot and Spicy challenge! 


You do not need to record in books, but if you would like to... please feel free! It is wonderful to see the lovely work being completed outside of school! 


Thank you, 


Miss Williams :) 

*** Parents of Year 1***


Do you have any old or spare plant pots? Small or large?

Do you have any packets of flower seeds? 

Do you have any spare compost?


If you do have any of the above, and would be happy to donate these things to our 'Growing Things' topic, it would be hugely appreciated by Miss Williams & Mrs Parker...

We want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, planting exciting things! 


Thank you in advance!


Miss Williams :)

 2nd March Homework. 


            Please learn the following words according to your literacy group :) 


            Draig:              Cestyll:          Cenhinen Pedr          Cenhinen


            their                was                 made                 made

           there                her                  was                   was

           little                made                 the                   the

           they                 him                  they                  they

           made                see                  bake                  bake

           called                go                   see                   see

           time                cake                  saw                   saw

           saw                 not                   her                     her

           children             the               called                  called

           house               and                  there                 there


                This homework will be due on 9th Feb. Have a great week!


Miss Williams :)



February Half Term Homework - 16th March


Hi all! 


Our new context is commencing after half term is 'Growing Things'. I have lots of lovely things planned for the term, and it ties in very nicely with this time of year, as Spring is slowly arriving! 


Task 1: I would like the Year 1 children to make a spider diagram or a thinking map, with idea's of things we could grow in school over the next term leading up to Easter! 


Please think about the different plants, flowers and vegetables we could potentially plant! Write as many idea's down as possible. What resources would we need to grow things in school? What tools would we use? How would we care for a plant? 


I know lots of the Year 1 children are keen artists, so if they would like to do some drawing of pictures to do with our new context, they are more than welcome to :) 


Task 2: I have sent home some new SFA books. These are the Guided Group Reading books we read in school. Please read these with your children, as I will be listening to them read as soon as we are back. (I am having issues signing into Bug Club, but will allocate new, more challenging books ASAP... please bare with me). Please also try to encourage your children to read (silently or out loud) as much as possible! (I know this can be hard, but tell them Miss Williams will be checking!!) This would be wonderful. 


Task 3: Complete some of the Year 1 games on the website below. This website is continuously being used within the classroom during Enhanced Provision, as the children love it! Here are a few links to some of the popular games! Feel free to find your own.



Lastly, Task 4: ENJOY THE HALF TERM! and have a lovely, well deserved break :) 


Miss Williams  






Homework 9th Feb


Please learn the following high frequency words, we will be using them in our literacy next week! 













This week, we have been finding half of a number, and finding 2 less or 2 more than a number. If you could verbally recap this in practical situation, when out and about etc. this would be super! You do not need to record it, but going over the things we have learnt during the week will always help the children develop further! :) ]


I have also allocated more Bug Club books online for the children to continue reading. 


Have a lovely weekend :) 

Homework 26th January.


This week's homework is to practice letter formation. When writing, I have noticed that a lot of the children have picked up some interesting habits with their letter formation and are starting and finishing each in the wrong places! (or writing them back to front, d & b especially).


I will send out sheets with all of the correct formation (starting and finishing places) on Thursday. 

Please slot them into your child's homework bag for them to be marked when completed :) 


Thank you! 


This will be due on Thursday 2nd Feb. 

Homework 19th January


This week I would like all of Year 1 to learn their lines for our assembly next Tuesday. I know it is late notice as I was not in to give out the parts on Monday, however most children have a max of 3 lines each! :) (Ava, you will be reading yours from a book, so don't learn the reading off by heart). 


I will attach the assembly parts below just in case any children have lost theirs. 


The second piece of homework is to find a picture of someone or something that is really special to you (Family, dogs, cats, pets, brothers & sisters etc.... please no toys! :) ) and to bring this in on Monday, as we will be talking about it during our assembly on Tuesday! . 



Thank you everyone! 


Charlie : Bora Da Croeso. The sign of the cross reminds us that God is always with us.


Jacob C.C : So let us begin our assembly together with the sign of the cross. (In Welsh first) ‘In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen’.


Ethan : Let us light the candle to remind us that God is with us all the time.


Fia: We have been thinking about our Parish family and all the people that are special to us.


Connor : We have been learning how the parish family gather together for Mass.


Imogen : We thank God for all the special people in our parish family, our priest, altar servers, readers, ministers and everyone who welcomes us to the parish community.


Lexi : When we are all together in Church we listen to God’s word.


Ryan : A special person who helps in St Joseph’s is Deacon Mark Howe. He shows us where God’s word is read from.


Kyliesha : Now, let’s listen together to God’s Word.


Ava: A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Saint Luke. 

The gospel of the lord.


Jovanna : We think about Simeon and Anna and how happy they were to finally see a special baby!


Renesh : Close your eyes and imagine what his words mean. Can you picture the baby Jesus?


Samuel : Jesus is shining like a light for everyone to see.  

Ruben : Let us pray a thank you litany together.


Emilia : A thank-you litany is when someone thanks God for something and we all say Thank you God



Emilia : Dwylo yn hyd

Joseph : For Mary who cared for Jesus. 

Caleb : For Joseph who looked after Jesus. 

Izaak : _For Simeon who gave thanks for Jesus. 

Joel : For Anna who was happy to see him. 

Sam M : For our parish family of St Joseph’s. 

Jack : For the special people in our lives. 

Callum :_For Jesus who loves us all. 


Jesmine : Think quietly about how we could bring light and joy to the people around us, the special people in our lives and our parish family.


Sherina: At the beginning of our worship we made the sign of the cross.


Jens : That reminds us that God is with us.


Charlie : Before you go to bed tonight and say a prayer, think about the story of Simeon and Anna as you make the sign of the cross.  In the name…


Homework 6th January


Hi everyone.

This week can all of the children in Year 1 learn the following high frequency words: 













Can you encourage your children to say the word a number of times before writing and sound it out on their hands and fingers... this will help them with accuracy! 


These spellings will be due on Thursday 12th Jan


Thank you! Enjoy your weekend :) 


Homework 1st Jan 2017. 



Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! 


Our new context for learning is Superheroes! So I would like the Year 1 Children to make a mind map in their homework books, and think about 'people that help us'. This can be anyone from doctors, teachers, nurses, mums and dads etc! 


I have attached a example below to help you get started. 


This homework will be due on Friday 6th Jan


Enjoy the rest of your Christmas holidays, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday! 

Homework 2nd December


Hello everyone! 


This week's homework is some spelling. 


I have printed the spellings I would like the children to learn and I will be giving them out on Thursday evening. 


Please complete by Thursday 7/12/16


Thank you.

Have a super weekend! 



Homework 24th November


Hi everyone! For this week's homework can you ask your children to complete the following questions according to these groups: 



Cenhinen/Cenhinen Pedr - 

Find 2 ways to make 21. 

Find 2 ways to make 18. 

Find 3 ways to make 24. 


Cestyll - 

Find 2 ways to make 12. 

Find 2 ways to make 15.

Find 3 ways to make 16. 


Draig - 

Find 2 ways to make 25. 

Find 2 ways to make 21. 

Find 3 ways to make 25. 


These questions are differentiated, however if your child finds them too difficult/easy, please use a different groups or adapt them appropriately. 


Please feel free to challenge your children to do more! I will make these on Thursday, but bring homework bags in earlier if they have been completed before the 1st :) 


Have a lovely weekend! 




Homework 11th Nov


Hi Everyone!


This week's home work is nice and easy which i'm sure all of you will be happy to hear! We are going to create a class scrap book this term and also a framed photo of children in Year 1 to go up on our wall display. 


If you could find a photo of your child that they could bring it to go on the display that would be brilliant - we will making a collage of the photos. 


At some point this weekend, I will also be allocating a reading band to your child. There may be some books that you child has already read but in your own time, I would like you to make your way through the books online and let me know when they have all been read. I will then re-allocate you some more books.

There is no expectation to get them all done at once!


Please do not record anything for this either, I would simply like your children to read as much as possible as this will support their writing and spelling. 


If they have finished the books and are waiting for some more to be allocated, read any book they enjoy.


Have a great weekend. 


Miss Williams :) 




Hi Everyone!


Thank you all for the wonderful homework/ photo albums that have been brought in throughout this week as a part of the half term homework! Unfortunately, this week has been a very busy and a bit of a muddle as I attended two courses on Wednesday and Thursday, so I would like to apologise for not marking your children's homework and for not setting any this week. I can't wait to have a good look through everyone's next week, but in the mean time, I would just like the children to concentrate on learning their lines for our assembly on Tuesday. 



This can be anything from where your family may have descended from, countries they have lived in, interesting facts about grandparents, jobs, lives, trips they may have been on, something that the children might not already know, that will be new to them!


This will be the basis for our lesson on Wednesday as our new context is Family Albums. We will be learning all about the past, how times have changed, looking at old photos etc! So if they could write something small down by Tuesday, this would be wonderful! If they can remember the facts without writing it down, that is also absolutely fine! :) 


If your children have any unread books on bug club, they can still work their way through those but for those that have read all them... they are up to date :) 


Have a lovely weekend! 




Homework for October Half Term


Hello everyone!


I hope you are all having a lovely half term after an extremely busy few weeks in Year 1 :) 

Over this half term week, please could your children complete the following tasks: 


TASK 1: I have allocated each child another book on Bug Club, which I would like them to read as many time as possible. Please answer the question at the end of the book if possible (if it asks you to make a model of something do not feel you have to do this by any means), but it is the reading that is most important! 


TASK 2: Can your child please learn the 'ag' and 'am' spellings under Class pages > Literacy Spelling by Year Group > Year 1 Spelling List.  

Please can the write each word out 3 times :) 


TASK 3: Lastly, our next Context for Learning is Family Albums! I would like your children to think about what a photo album is, and draw one OR write about a photo album in the their context books! If you have any photo albums to show, get them to have a look at one! This is only a small task but please feel free to allow your children to do as much as they would like! If they would like to include any photos in their books as examples, they are also more than welcome to! 


I really do hope every you all enjoy the break and come back to school refreshed and ready for our next term! 







Homework 14th October


Hello everyone! 


TASK 1: I have set each child another bug club book to read over the weekend.  

Like the last reading homework, please could your child try to answer the question/complete the activity on the last page of the book (left hand side in black and white) in their homework books.


TASK 2:  We have been learning to tell the time this week in school, and will be continuing this next week. Please could you recap o'clock and half past the hour with your children. You do not need to evidence this in homework books, but ask children to tell you the time at different points during the day.  If your child would however like to do some maths work, they can draw a clock in their books, put the numbers on the face of the clock in the correct place (e.g 12 and 6 are partners facing eachother, 3 and 9 are also partners) and draw on a time of their choice. 

I will be introducing quarter past this week to the whole class. 


Could you also please make sure your child has completed all the homework allocated on abacus/bug club so far.  


Homework books will be collected on THURSDAY 20/10/16. 


Have a lovely weekend! 





Homework 7th October


Hello everyone! 


This week, I have set up your children's ABACUS active learn page. Each child has the active learn log in and password stuck on the inside of their homework page, which will allow them to log into Bug Club and ABACUS maths.

Follow this link for the website and scroll down to the bottom for selection.

This week, I have allocated your child an online reading book, and a maths activity. This is differentiated for individual needs.



TASK 1. Please can you read the online book and answer the questions at the end (on the right hand side of the page) in your homework book. Parents, if you could make sure your children are using pencil to write, in this would be great! :) 


TASK 2. Please can you complete the maths activity in your homework book as well. Some of the activities ask you to print questions, but you are not required to do this! Open the document, and write down the question in the homework books. If your child has been allocated the 'Sort Them Out' maths activity, please just get them to answer the questions as this will definitely be enough! 


If you have any problems logging in,  pop in to see me Monday morning/afternoon and I will sort it out for you. If you also have any questions, feel free to ask me at any point! 


This will be due on Thursday 13th October. 


Have a great weekend. 









Homework 30th September


TASK 1 : I would like you to read one of your favourite books from start to finish (choose this book wisely). It can be any book, but I would suggest one with lots of pictures/characters. Once you have read it out loud to your parents, please make a bubble map on the first page of your homework books and write down all the different characters you have read about (e.g put the name of the book in the middle of the bubble). 


TASK 2: Please see YEAR 1 spelling page and practice the *ad* spellings in  your homework books on the SECOND page. 


Go to class pages -> literacy spelling by year groups -> year 1 spelling list. 



This will be due on Thursday 6th October. 


I look forward to seeing the first two page of your books completed :) 






Homework 23rd September 2016


Hello Everyone!


This week's homework is to create a 'little book of happiness'. On Friday afternoon, I will be giving out little books that have already been made, to each child in the class.  I would like each child to think about what makes them happy and document this in their books through writing or drawing. You can put as many pictures as you like in each book (it is only 7 pages long and really is quite small) of family, things you like doing, things that make you happy etc but the more in there the better it will look! You can even collage each page if you would like. Please annotate it wherever possible explaining why what you have stuck in or drawn qhT makes you happy! Add colour to each page so it is exciting and vibrant to look at!


If possible, put a picture of your child on the front cover OR write their name so we know who each book belongs to!


These books will be displayed on a washing line in our classroom, so please keep presentation wonderful, and as neat & tidy as possible!


This homework will be due on Thursday 29th September!