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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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St. Joseph's RC Primary Home Learning Page

Dr. Blog


If you have a question for any of your teachers, just ask Dr. Blog.


Please ask a question by emailing the following address:


He will ask your teacher the question and give you an answer as soon as possible. 


If you have emailed us with a general question (that contains no personal or sensitive information), we will post your question on the blog and provide an answer.


If your question contains personal or sensitive information, we will email you back with our response.


If we feel your question may be helpful to others, we will remove all personal information from your question and post our response on the blog. If you have any objections, please inform us in your email. Your privacy is important to us. 


If you do not receive an email in response to your enquiry, you will find the information you have requested on the blog. Please check back daily for updates. 


Thank you.



Online Safety and Home Learning Responsibilities


Online Learning

Please follow the following rules when engaging in online learning:

• I will ask an adult if I want to use the computer or iPad.

• I will only use activities that an adult has told or allowed me to use.

• I will take care of the computer and other equipment while I am using it.

• I will ask for help from an adult if I am not sure what to do or if I think I have done something wrong.

• I will tell an adult if I see something that upsets me on the screen.

• I know that if I break the rules or act irresponsibly when using home learning resources, that I might not be allowed to use a computer or iPad and that my account might be temporarily disabled.


Microsoft Teams

  • Treat one another with respect when conversing in Teams.
  • You are permitted to talk about the work set and may greet one another.
  • Do not post anything inappropriate.
  • Please note that you cannot delete what you post on Teams and that your teacher will be notified if you are acting irresponsibly. We will temporarily remove your ability to engage in chats with your classmates if you are found to be breaking the rules.  




We ask that for younger pupils in particular, that they complete their work in a social space, preferably accompanied by their parent or other adult.




Online Safety

Please use the following links to discuss the principles of e-safety with your children:  

Hwb Guide for Parents (Information on Google Classroom is not relevant to our school)

Still image for this video

Microsoft Teams Guide for Parents and Home Learning Information

Bug Club Guide



Children should be using Bug Club and Mathletics on a daily basis.

In Year 2 and Key Stage 2 there are reading, reasoning and procedural past papers that the children should be working through. 


There are also class specific projects on each class page. 


On the Key Stage 2 pages, at the bottom of each page the children will also see an additional project. Their 'Global Project'. The children should be completing their 'Daily Reading Challenge' by clicking the link and then navigating to Encyclopaedia Britannica on Hwb to conduct their research. Once these activities are completed, the children have been instructed to produce a (paper-based) booklet about the continent that they have been learning about. They should also be producing a presentation about one specific country on Microsoft Teams.


All children should be using Just2easy (navigate to j2blast) on Hwb to practise spellings, times tables and arithmetic.


Weekly spelling lists are also accessible on every class page in Key Stage 2. Please practise these at home.


Come and See (RE) activities are now available on all the class pages. In Key Stage 2, these can be completed on Microsoft Teams or in your homework book. 


Reading comprehension activities have also been uploaded to Teams this week.  


Additional resources will be uploaded to Microsoft Teams (Assignments in Hwb) for children in Key Stage 2 over the coming weeks.


You can upload pictures of the work you are completing at home to the assignment titled ‘Home Learning Photos’ on Microsoft Teams. Upload photos into the PowerPoint document for your teacher to see. Please do not include any photos of you or your family in the PowerPoint. We only need to see pictures of the work you have completed.  This assignment is not mandatory. However, if you would like your teacher to see your work, click 'Insert' and then 'Pictures' to upload your work. You need to create a new slide for each piece of work.


Foundation Phase

For children in Foundation Phase, please continue to complete the projects sent home before school closed. All work should be written inside the home learning book, as evidence of the work completed. Please also include any fun experiences you have had, photos of you playing/baking/gardening – spending time with your family.   

Please continue to read every day on Bug Club and continue maths learning on Mathletics so your teachers can continue to monitor your progress. There are spelling lists on the class pages, please practise these at home.

Regularly check your child’s class page below, as new fun activities, ideas, experiences and work will be uploaded frequently. Please record these inside your home learning books as well. Come and See (RE) activities are now available to access on each class page, as well as phonics support, maths links, password support and links to the projects sent home.

On the Year 2 class page, there are reading, reasoning and procedural past papers that the children should also be working through.




























































































































Whole school information and important updates are published under 'Latest News'. This can be accessed under the 'Parents' tab and the most recent updates will be displayed on our homepage and Twitter feed. Please follow @stjoescardiff. 


Each class page provides an overview of the skills the children will learn during the year and our expectations. In Key Stage 2,  half-termly homework projects will also be displayed at the bottom of each class page and updated throughout the year. Children are to use Bug Club and Mathletics at home to support their learning on a weekly basis. If you are unable to access Bug Club at home, please ask your child's class teacher for a reading book and reading record. 


The children will also be tested on their spellings throughout the year. Spellings and test dates for KS2 are shown at the bottom of each class page. The children are expected to learn their spellings in preparation for each test. 


Photos are displayed for each class in the gallery. These can be found under the 'Gallery' tab. Under each set of photos will be a written description of what the children have been doing in class during the week. This replaces the weekly newsletter and will make it easier for parents to follow their child's learning journey. 


TheSchoolApp is used to instantly send school notifications to mobile devices. To stay up to date with the latest school news and see upcoming events, parents are required to download the app. Instructions on how to do this can be found under the 'Parents' tab. 



Right of the Month


Article 7: ‘You have the right to a name and a nationality’. ·

Link to St David’s Day · - Write your name down and find a Right Respecting word that starts with each letter.

(My Virtues) Faith-Filled & Hopeful


Pupils in our school are growing to be faith-filled in their beliefs and hopeful for the future. We have faith in those who are closest to us - our family and friends. We need to have faith in ourselves. We should also have faith in the communities to which we belong -our parish and school. Finally, God invites us to have faith in him and his son, Jesus Christ. Faith cannot be taken for granted: it must be built upon day by day.


Hope grows out of faith and love. Christianity teaches that God is a God of hope. We must not be frightened to take on new challenges. We must use our strengths and ask for help from those around us, to overcome these challenges.

Prayer of the Week 


Prayer for Lent

Almighty God, whose blessed Son was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan: Come quickly to help us who are assaulted by many temptations; and, as you know the weaknesses of each of us, let each one find you mighty to save; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.





10th February 2020

  ‘God has given us the gift of the Bible.  We want to see more people reading it, more people understanding it and more people changed by it.’             

The Bible Society


















































































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