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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

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Welcome to

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Ysgol Gatholig Joseff Sant.

We grow together in God’s love as we pray, learn and play

Dyn ni’n tyfu gyda ‘n gilyddd mewn cariad Duw wrth i ni weddio, dysgu a chwarae

Extra Curricular Clubs

Please read our report on all the activities we did in the school  Year  2014-2015 hopefully we will be able to partake in  more activities this Year.  

 Extra Curricula Activities

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10,30 - 11.00        
1.00-1.25   Athletics Year 3&4   Athletics Year 5&6

Homework club

Mrs Wheeler

Multi Sports

Year 2,3, 4

Outside agency


Year 2-6

Multi- Sports

Reception, Year 1

Outside agency

Netball Girls

Years 4-6

Cricket Year 3-6


 All children are welcome to participate.   Just see a member of staff



Are you the next Usain Bolt ?



During the lunch times 12.55 to 1.20 we will be holding athletics training for all children in KS2 who are interested in taking part.

Years 3and 4 will be held on a Tuesday

Years 5 and 6 will be held on Thursday.

Practise will take place over the park. We will not have time to change but all children must have trainers on…. No school shoes.

A team will be selected from these sessions to represent the school at the Welsh Catholic Sports to be held at Leckwith Stadium , Saturday June

Oh what a day!!!!

Saturday 2

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Dance Year 6

On Wednesday, Year 6 pupils. Kane, Day, Charlie, Neveah, Niamh, Jessica, Jessica, Esme, Neha, Reeha, Angeline, Laura, Emily, Sania, Riona, Beni, Poppy and Mary took part in the 30th Dance festival organised by Cardiff and the Vale Dance association, at the Sherman theatre, Cardiff.

The past few weeks the Year 6 pupils have given up their playtimes and dinner times to create and practise the dance which has been much appreciated.

In the choreography, we have explored a number of themes and ideas including:

Sky- theme- aspiration, awakening, and some form of connection

Cleansing- theme -water, breathing and rippling

Journey-theme -travelling, resistance, endurance.

Birds- theme -Undulating Rising and flight

Rising- theme-recognition identity and hope

Wednesday morning the children had to attend the theatre for a technical run through. They realised what performing was all about. How the lightning effecting their performance and the use of the space on the stage,

All were very excited about the evening performance. Dressed if their costumes   and all ready to go, the children really felt the excitement of performing in front on audience.

Their performance on the evening was exceptional. They performed and enjoyed every minute of the time they were on the stage and definitely raised the bar.

Well done girls and boys you have worked hard and we were very proud of you and our school.

Thanks to Mrs Brooks for helping us out and also thanks to the parents for supporting your child and St. Joseph’s School.

Netball Club

On Thursday afternoons, we hold an open Netball Club for Years 4-6.  This takes place in the Junior Playground from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.   In the case of inclement weather, we are able to hold these sessions in the school hall.  The club is open to all children in these year groups regardless of ability.  Its aim is to develop confidence, learn new skills to work together as a team and most of all, have some fun.  Some netball tournaments are held each year which the children are invited to take part in, which gives them the opportunity of representing our school.  If you require any further information, please see Miss Calliva, Miss Mackey.

Rugby and football club

will run on the same evening this year. The groups will be split up into years 3 and 4  and Years 5 and 6. Each group will have the opportunity to participate in the two games as the year groups will swap on a half-term basis.

Rugby Club

Rugby club is open to boys and girls in Years 3 and 4 every Thursday evening until 4.30 p.m.The club takes place at  Maitland Park or, alternatively we use the school playground. Players are given the opportunity to develop running, handling and passing skills in a safe environment. Touch Rugby is developed in the course of the year so that pupils gain increasing experience of the game as a contact sport. Kicking skills, catching skills and the principles of  offence and defence are developed most importantly the children are encouraged to have fun and to learn the rules of ruby and the respect for self-discipline  which is fundamental to  the game. 


Tag Rugby September 2015

Football Club


Football club is open to all boys and girls in Year 5 -6 The club takes place at Maitland Park or on the school playground depending on the weather.  Children are encouraged to bring boots and trainers. Shin pads are a pre-requisite. A wide variety of skills are developed as the a children become more able.. They learn the principles of attack and defence within the rules of football.  Wide variety of skills are taught and developed as the children work individually , in pairs and in small groups.  Self -discipline and respect for referee' s decisions is encouraged.  Wide variety of practice drills are used which include the opportunity to develop dribbling, passing, shooting , goal keeping skills and learning to take throw-ins properly.  Come to after school football and learn the off-side rule!! The children take part in the annual girls' and boys' 6 a - side football competition which takes place at the end of each school year to support HCPT and other football tournaments arranged by an outside agency.

Gymnastics Club

Gym club runs every Tuesday until 4.30 for any boy and girl in Years 2-6. The club is extremely popular and a commitment  is required of children to attend regularly. Children work as individuals, in pairs and in small groups to develop the gymnastic ability. Body control, body movement, posture and shape are developed using a variety of apparatus including the floor, mats, benches and vault boxes. Strength, suppleness and agility are carefully coordinated and progressed through a series of stages. Children have the opportunity to compete at inter school level during County and National Championships Novice event. All children must wear appropriate kit to participate . At the end of each school year, the gymnasts perform as individuals and groups in the Annual "St Joseph's got Talent" which is held to celebrate sporting, musical and dramatic progress which the children have made during each school year. From time to time a waiting list may be in place to join gym club.  Please contact Mrs. Jefferies, Mrs Brooks for further information.

Welsh Novice Gymnastics Final, Welsh Institute of Sport, November 2015


A team of Year 6 girls:  Beni, Poppy, Laura, Niamh and Sania. and a Team Year3 / 4 girls and boys Lily, Mikayla, David, Sonny, Sofia and Agnes



These children represented  the school in the   Welsh Novice Gymnastics Championships held at the Welsh Institute of Sport. (W.I.S). The children were competing against many schools from  across Wales. The children had to perform on four pieces- two runs of 6 moves on the floor and two jumps from the rheuther board.. 

Beni and Niamh thought it was very educational and enjoyable because they felt that they could express ourselves and perform a good sequence while being  judged by experienced judges. .  The judges evaluated how we performed the sequences and the jumps and gave us a score out of 10.00. Most of all it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Although this was a team competition  and were placed fourth just missing out on a medal the children's scores were graded

Laura  -  Bronze

Sonny and David - Silver

Lily. Niamh, Beni, Poppy Sania, Sofia, Agnes Mikalya - Gold

An excellent performance


Look on the website for more pictures and videos showing how  all the children performed.

Welsh Catholic Schools Athletics Championships


Thirty children represented the school at the Welsh Catholic Schools Athletic Championships on Saturday June 20th 2015 at the Cardiff International Athletics Stadium. All of the children enjoyed the experience and all performed really well.

A big congratulations to the Year 3 Girls relay team (Mikayla Velasco, Sofia Graziadei, Sianna Akshaya, Crystal James), Year 4 Boys relay team (Osian Page-Maunder, Harrison Dee, Lexi Micallef,  Samuel Parker) and individuals (Samuel Parker, Beni Mubiayi, Kane James) for performing so well in their heats earned a deserved place in the finals.

The day finished off on a big high when Kane won his 80 metre sprint --What a performance, he made the teachers and his family very proud.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Hockey Tournament  at Welsh Institute of Sport,  March 24th 10.00 -2.00

Sherman Theatre.


Pupils from Year 6 are taking part in the  Dance Festival at the Sherman Theatre,  Wednesday 18th March 2015. The boys and girls have been practising their routine to 'Spirit in the Sky' for the last couple of weeks and are looking forward to performing it on the stage.

Football Tournament organised by Cardiff Rotary Club, Western |Leisure Centre, Thursday 12th March 2015.
Netball Tournament organised by Rotary Club of Cardiff, Thursday 6th March, Western Leisure Centre, Caerau Lane. Ely 12.30p.m to 4.00p.m.

Well done to our netball team.  The girls played 5 matches in their group 5 minutes each way. All the girls played extremely well with a good team spirit. As each match was played they became more confident in their ability. Well done to all of you.


Ellie Cullen (captain) Liberty Virgo, Emily Rutter, Maisie Delve, Diya Saji, Marcella Scacci-Spragg, Neveah Sagar-Gonzales nofrown